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Author: Nedlinin

The addon is simplistic enough. Using the slash commands (/uberaddon), you setup a list of authorized users. These users may then issue bang commands. Most commands are self explanatory.

(In party chat) !grouploot - changes loot option to group loot assuming sender is on user list. !ffaloot - changes loot option to Free For All assuming sender is on user list. !follow - Everyone in the group using the addon auto-follows you(assuming you are on their user list) !leader - Gives leader to message sender assuming they are on your user list.

(From whisper) !invite - invites the whisperer - This command does not require the whisperer to be on the authorized user list. If you are not leader, you will whisper the requester back notifying them and will also ask in group that they be invited. Should the current leader be running this addon, they will auto-invite the whisperer.

NOTE: This addon was written in roughly 30 minutes after 24 hours of no sleep. It does its job as intended but is lacking certain features that would seem appropriate(other loot options, kick player, spam filter, etc.) - If you would like a certain feature added, feel free to express your desire in the comments. If noone comments telling me what to work on first, I will work on them as I come to them or not at all! - Please comment with feedback, negative or positive!

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