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Author: ladenedge

Feast Tracker is a small addon that records the creation of feasts during raids and and allows users to report that data, including feast types and chef names.


Collection of data is transparent and automatic any time you are in a raid!
To report feast usage, simply enter one of the various slash commands shown below.
When you no longer need the stored data, clear it with '/ft clear'.

Slash Commands

Slash commands may be executed using either '/feasttracker', '/feasts', or '/ft', though the latter may get overriden by other addons.

/ft - Displays a basic log-like feast report.
/ft raid - Sends today's feast report to the raid channel.
/ft csv - Displays a comma-separated-value feast report.
/ft bbcode - Displays a BBCode-formatted feast report.
/ft clear - Clears all recorded feasts.


100% of all donations to this project will be forwarded to the [url=]EFF[/url]. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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