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Author: Ghettogreen

AutoQuest 2 works exactly like the Auto Loot function in the default World of Warcraft interface. This AddOn is set by default to automatically accept and complete all quests while the Shift key is held down. When the addon is in Enable mode, all quests will be accepted and completed without needing to hold Shift. However, this action can be temporarily disabled by holding down the Shift key. The quest will not be accepted or completed and the default Blizzard quest frame will be shown.

Slash Commands
/autoquest2 argument
/aq2 argument

Mod: Accepts and completes quests while you hold the Shift key. (Default)
Enable: Auto accepts and completes ALL quests. (Hold shift to override)
Disable: Prevents the addon from auto accepting or completing any quests.
Verbose: Display quest info in the chat frame.
Help: Shows this help menu.

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