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Author: Aerea

This addon allows you to give a rating to a player, and will share this automatically with everyone on your realm.

Heroes contains the following features:

Easily rate any player on the realm; horde or alliance
Synchronise your ratings with everyone on your realm
View people's ratings in tooltips, Guild & LFM (/hero o for options)
Automatically scan your party/raid for low ratings!
Sends a notice when your addon is out-of-date
Various built-in protections against abuse
... and more!

Remember: the more people that use this addon, the more useful the ratings are! So if you like it, share it on!

So, in which cases would this addon be useful?

When leading/joining a PUG-raid... just count how often you have problems with people in VoA, Naxxramas, etc.
When just doing easy heroics... just count how often you failed an achievement you wanted because of extremely low DPS or bad attitudes.
When you wonder if the person who applied to your guild is worth your time
If people become aware of this addon, perhaps some people will behave better towards eachother?

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