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Posted on 12/28/2007 08:51
Points: 59
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Cool Game...

No comment
9.9 perfect
Posted on 06/14/2009 09:35
Points: 320
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Game Description
With the opening of the Dark Portal, and the renewed war to stop the Burning Crusade’s destruction of worlds, the heroes of Azeroth have given little thought to the frozen wastes of Northrend - and the terrible, ancient powers that wait... Read More
9.7 perfect
Posted on 04/15/2009 08:51

LK brought me back

I stoped playing world of warcraft a while ago(Year or 2) when this new update came out i was curious to see what its like.WOW! it got me hooked again,i wasnt expecting so much new stuff.Yes level cap upgraded to 80,New class But so many new Instances... Read More
9.6 perfect
Posted on 03/05/2009 20:30

It looks awesome just like every world of warcraft
9.5 perfect
Posted on 11/22/2007 15:50
Points: 210
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Whats wworld of war craft

8.2 superb
Posted on 02/17/2009 14:02
Points: 61
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It feel's excitement fighting those monsters but....there are some thinks that need to be fixed.Anyway the game is great
8.0 great
Posted on 03/13/2008 05:27
Points: 2064
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Arthas vs Illidan

Besides beeing the Best Expansion of WoW To Come, imagine if Arthas and Illidan face of in an Event made by Blizzard?
Oh the goosebumps! Thats Why The Game will be so good!
7.6 great
Posted on 01/04/2011 11:36
Points: 62
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It's OK

It is a good game it just isn't as good as guild wars
6.6 good
Posted on 02/05/2009 16:45
Points: 9
I just got here
0.1 crap