World War II Combat: Iwo Jima Review (PC)

World War II is the most important landmark in the page of our history. This is the reason why World War II inspired books, movies and even computer games proliferate, and are highly accepted. Many shooter games have adopted World War II in their titles and even the theme and story lines. This is likewise the concept behind World War II Combat: Iwo Jima.

So they are hiding here!
Now you'll see with whom you're dealin with!

The developer, Groove Games tried very hard to keep as close to the historical memento as much as possible. They are able to apply the deafening thunder of artillery fires as it echoes including the sound of thunderous heart pounding.

However, the graphics execution seems short of what is expected. It looked like a novice designer designed this game to no avail.

Another frustrating and definitely unamazing part of World War II Combat: Iwo Jima is the game play. Knowing that the developer wanted to show how much the United States needed to take over Iwo Jima, where their troops landed foot in Japan for the first time in 5,000 years, the game play suffered by trying to be as close to reality as possible.

The game play starts with the troop hitting the ground and being killed one by one until a super soldier was left, it is going to be you, the player. However, you will hit the battlefield with your weapon. This weapon may be with you during eh entire game. You may be able to acquire quite a few other weapons like grenade, rocket launcher or almost unhelpful knife. A flamethrower may also be found in the battlefield but it seems useless against your enemies.

Another unchallenging part of the game is that you fight unthinking enemies who seem to fire their weapon with no direction. What is more dreadful and unwelcome about World War II Combat: Iwo Jima is that enemies may sometime hit you without having to aim at you. This of course, does not work for the enemy alone. You may even hit your enemies without having to aim at them. Just fire your weapon unmindfully and you may hit your enemies to your advantage. Their own bombs may even kill your unmindful enemies, which may sometime look funny if you can avoid being angry about this game.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that you may easily be killed without having to aim; just your unthinking enemy firing their gun could kill you. Unfortunately, because you do not have a medical kit where you will be able to replenish your health, you may need to go about playing the game hoping you could reach the checkpoint in time or, reset the level entirely.

Shoooot! So close and yet so far

It seem that you may need to rest your level many times before you finally discover that you do not need to be exploring because the way to get over one level is just within the regular path. Exploring may even worsen your standing and will predispose you to enemy bombs.

One redeeming quality of World War II Combat: Iwo Jima is that there are 10 expansive multiplayer maps that may give you some fun playing with your friends.

This game also has six game types such as death match, team death match, king of the hill, capture the flag, VIP escorts and last man standing, but even with these features, a game replete of challenge because of the unintelligent enemy and a game play which frustrates you to no avail may not be worth your investment.

The sound effect may give you some relief but would you go for a game because of the sound and not the game play? I will not, well I did but it is for the experience rather than the sound.

This game is definitely frustrating on the single player because you go against an AI, which seem to have no intelligence at all, even artificial.

You may opt for the multiplayer, the game proudly announces that you can play this game up to 16 players, you may even play the XBOX version where a four player split screen may give you some excitement. All these players will have weapon of their own, but then again having not much choice in choosing from the limited weaponry may tire even the most optimistic player.

I have had experience with numerous World War II games and this game seems to be the most unplayable version of all.

The observation herewith may be too biased because of my previous experience with other World War II games, if you wish to play it anyway, I will not stop you from doing so.

Run as fast as you can!
Watch out!

The developers of course did not want this game to end at the bottom list of all interactive games, therefore, if you find the game to be worth playing, send me an e-mail and I will try and review it again.

Top of game moment:
Well, it could be the initial part of the game because I have not seen the rest. The sound may also be all right and the ten functional expansive multiplayer maps, but other than that, I will have to ask others to give me a reason to take a look at this game again.

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