X3: Reunion, review by ckount

Third time's a charm - unfortunately not.

I liked the prequels and was looking forward to this release.
I bought it when it was released and installed it.
And uninstalled it. It ran as molasses on my fairly modern rig.
Read some good reviews and reinstalled it - patched the game so it was current. Ran it for an hour and uninstalled it yet again.
Tutorial was no good. Forum posts on how to get started was not very encuraging. I'm sure I would benefir for giving it six to eight consecutive hours would give me a run for the money.
A high learning threshold does not make a game good.
And a low fps does not help.
A gave it a third go, and this time I ran three missions and studied the forumm posts more carefully.
But the fun never happened for me.
A combination of a bad tutorial and a low fps will keep this game away from my hard drive.
Atleast till the next patch. I'll probably give it another go then again.
I do so wan't to like this game.
Posted on 08/14/2006 12:37
5.4 alright