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Author: SSwamp_Trooper

Introduction of the X-UNIVERSE.

"The X-Universe mod is largely connected to the x1: past and future mod but with major differences. This mod is designed to be difficult and engaging for the experienced x player. Many players since xbtf including myself have begun to lose interest in the game series for many reasons. My goal is to solve that with this mod."

Combination with the Combat Mod.

"I maybe one of the more experienced modders of the x-games but I haven't had huge success. I started modding with my x1 team, with the mod x1: the pirates for x3: the reunion two years ago without a major release. However during that time I managed to get a promising new modder into the team, although by that time the mod was starting to die.

But that gave him time to build the first combat mod for x3: the reunion. I liked the mod and was watching his mod grow and helping were I could, and he managed to create a very popular combat mod series over on the TXU.

So now nearly a year of not modding that much I wanted to start a mod up that only I am developing, but since I am not skilled in all areas of modding I asked ulfius if I could build this mod around the combat mod 3 as it brought lots to the game, he agreed and said I could use any of his work in mine. This gave me a good starting point. Very helpful ..."

Goals of the mod.

* Smaller Universe
* More Battles.
* Smoother.
* Easy to install
* Much more difficult for experienced players.
* Graphics which I think looks best.
* New game starts.
* I believe simplicity is best.

Possible Future Goals of the mod.

* New Ships.
* New Quest.
* New Music

Change log of the mod.

-> 11/10/09: [Builds] HUD Addon ---> Changed HUD to a better colour.

-> 08/10/09: [Builds] X2 Addon ---> All argon ships replaced!

-> 06/10/09: [Builds] Planet improvement addon for the graphics addon ---> Improved clouds depth
-> 06/10/09: [Builds] Added Planet improvement addon for the graphics addon ---> Enhanced the planets so they look more 'real'
-> 06/10/09: [Builds] Added X3TC Map addon for the X2 Ship addon
-> 06/10/09: [Builds] Added X2 Ship addon

-> 05/10/09: [Builds] Graphics addon ---> Removed planet glow

-> 04/10/09: [Builds] Smaller Map addon ---> Fixed installation destination
-> 04/10/09: [Builds] Added Smaller Map addon
-> 04/10/09: [Builds] Added Graphics addon
-> 04/10/09: [Builds] Added Music addon
-> 04/10/09: [Builds] Added HUD addon
-> 04/10/09: [Builds] Change in mod objectives, total rebuild {Now X-UNIVERSE 2}

-> 06/08/09 - 03/08/09: [Beta 1.0 to Beta 1.2] Initial test beta releases, and announcements on egosoft. {Now X-UNIVERSE}

Credits for the mod.
Thanks to...

* .. Ulfius for the combat mod 3
* .. Anon Loyalist for the music
* .. Moddb for hosting, advertising, publicity

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