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Important: This package can be used with X³ Terran Conflict version 2.5 or later. The use of the package with earlier versions of the game - or even with X² The Threat or X³ Reunion - can fail or lead to unpredictable results. No guarantee can be given for unsigned third-party modifications or scripts to be compatible with scripts in this package.

The Bonus Package

The Bonus Package consists of a selection of scripts written by player community members. Egosoft has selected them as extensions that fit well into, and do not destroy the balance, of the game. The scripts have been signed and therefore they are enabled without activating the Script Editor.

A usage manual in PDF format is included in the package. No redistribution.

The included scripts

Commodity Logistics Software MK1

This software supports the pilot in coordinating his internal production logistics. It will enable a pilot to collect orders from different consumers within your enterprise and coordinate them with chosen suppliers. Therefore, it is possible to deliver the products from several suppliers of a single resource to different consumers.

Commodity Logistics Software MK2

This software allows the pilot to plan a route. The pilot is instructed to follow a given route and the corresponding commodity transfer orders for each intermediate stop entered. This enables the pilot to fulfil special tasks within the company or even at different stations. The route entered will be followed repeatedly until the pilot receives new orders.

Commercial Agent

The Commercial Agent can serve all the needs of a single player station or complex, both buying resources and selling products as necessary. But in order to unlock all its abilities an Agent must train by carrying out simple duties for a while.

Dockware Manager

A small extension to add wares or remove wares from player owned Trading Stations, Equipment Docks or Headquarters. The Manager can set limits for the different wares for the player Headquarters too. These limits get considered by Commercial Agents and Commodity Logistics MK1 pilots.

Missile Defense Mosquito

This software protects a ship - or a whole convoy that the ship is part of - against missile attacks and fighter drones by using Mosquito missiles.

Turbo Boost

The Turbo Boost device is capable of temporarily speeding up a ship beyond what’s normally possible.

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