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ew Features and Improvements:

- Re-enabled use of more than 2GB RAM if supported by the operating system
- M6, M8 and TM ships now travel through gates like smaller ships
- Enabled M7 and M8 ships to spawn in more missions
- Station hack missions available at more locations
- Added chance of Xenon during a Defend Station mission
- M7M and M8 now spawn with more missiles aboard in missions
- Added greater variation between large and small Superfreighter and Tanker ships
- Improved capital ship undocking from the Terraformer HUB
- Reduced flak explosion volume
- Argon One is no longer invincible


- Fixed Universe Traders flying into enemy sectors
- Fixed Water Purification Plant L stats being identical to the M variation
- Fixed Ion Mine factory producing Tracker Mines and vice-versa
- Fixed a pirate trader with mixed up face and voice, piloting an incorrect ship class
- Fixed captured Aran not showing in sector map
- Fixed #deca remaining invincible after being boarded
- Fixed #cafe being boardable
- Fixed the capability for the player to shoot boarding pods at invincible ships
- Fixed Terran Military Stations using Trading Station icons
- Fixed incorrect complex node orientations in a number of station scenes
- Fixed incorrect cockpit positions on some ships
- Fixed missing texture on Python and Raptor
- Fixed missing pirate skins on Pirate Nova variations
- Fixed Guardian explosion effects
- Fixed centre point in several ship scenes
- Reduced Tokyo weapons recharge rate
- Rebalanced ATF Ships
- Added missing "Your" prefix to several player ships
- Added shield resupply functionality to Aldrin Stations
- Added missing reputation requirements to buy several Terran Missiles
- Added missing reputation requirements to buy the Keris drone
- Fixed incorrect escorts for Terran and Aldrin ships
- Removed Split Spacefly Protectors
- Removed laserpointer on some weapon dummies
- Several other improvements and bugfixes

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