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Posted on 09/24/2009 08:37
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I just got here

9.2 perfect
Posted on 03/26/2009 15:51

TC is one of the greatest games of all time

Tough spacesimulators are not as popular as they used to be, Egosoft Egosoft has created 5 games (X, X2, X3 and 2 expansions) that showed the world how great this gnre can be if you care about it. Terran Conflict is the culmination of the X-Trilogy, and... Read More
9.9 perfect
Posted on 01/04/2009 13:46
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SI Herodotus

Get out your spreadsheets, and fire up the calculator.

This stand-alone pacKage, claimed not to be an expansion to "X3:Reunion" is the conclusion to the X universe story, apparently. Though heralded as more "noob" friendly, don't be fooled. The first couple of missions hold you by the hand, then the learning... Read More
8.5 superb