XCOM: Enemy Unknown, review by paelleon

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A well balanced remake of a classic

When I saw Sid Meyer's Fireaxis new XCOM project I feared they would have ruined one of the most beautyfull games ever. But Sid's Microprose (long live the Microprose!) made the first one and they know how to preserve its legend.
This remake of UFO:Enemy Unknown is exactly what it seems.. a remake. Well, the game is simplier, with much less managing options (damned consoles!), but the true spirit of the original is intact. And THIS is why XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a great game!
The fights with the aliens are fast, hard, cruel, filled with tension. The AI is quite good and will always try to flank your positions. Well, a bigger squad would have been better, but this means that every soldier count and must be protected. Soldiers now have they weapon class, so you cannot pick a rocket launcher with a medic and fire...well... you cannot pick anything! The soldier's inventory system is completely vanished (too bad!), you cannot exchange or pick up anything from the battlefield and if your medic dies, his extra pack of medikits will be useless (protect the support guys!). Unfortunatly there is no blaster launcher! NOOOO!!! No more guided nuclear warheads flying over the battlefield, too bad! I would have like to use them against those nasty new Sectopods!
Musics are much like the original, they have a sort of fear/tension/mistery tune of the old MIDI files.
Of course graphic is much more advanced with many cutscenes between missions and a true story developing during the game. Unfortunatly this cut the game duration. An old UFO match last much more than a week of night playing.
Well, this game is of course worse than the 1994 UFO, with fewer options and features, but looking at the videogame market today, it is a very good game nevertheless.
Posted on 11/11/2012 10:09
8.5 superb