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This mod makes the game "uber"... ie : consider this A CHEAT!!! (You have been warned) ;)
I personally finished the game 2 times before playing with this.
I suggest you try and finish it at least once as well cause this will KILL any difficulty you might have had with the game...

The mod works for all version (easy/normal/hard/classic)

What this does :
More Money (A LOT more)
Uber Soldiers (start off with tons of Aiming, Will, Movement - Less XP per lvl, more psy, etc...)
Uber Grapling distance
did I write MORE money? ;)
More electricity and Sattelite uplink
Faster building, research, healing, repairing, etc... FASTER EVERYTHING!!!!
More UFO items parts recovered from scavenging
All UFO should be visible
Every month Panic will be reduced if you have sattelite coverage (unless already empty)

Simply copy all 3 files (except the readme)
"DefaultGameCore.mod", modpatcher.exe, patcher.bat
to your "BinariesWin32" directory :
2 examples :
C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonXCom-Enemy-UnknownBinariesWin32
then double click on the patcher.bat file!
its that easy! :)

delete all 3 files you had copied...
then delete the file
XComGame.exe (which contains the mod)
and rename the file xcom-orginal.exe to XComGame.exe
its also that easy! ;)

With this mod, if you are good and know what you are doing, you CAN finish the game in less than 1 month game time...

Have a nice day and I Hope you Enjoy!!

IF you dont like cheating under ANY circonstances, please dont bother bashing or flaming... just dont use it! :)
This is a uber mod and not meant for realism or fairness (for them)... ;)

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