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`UPDATE~ Fixed a few balance issues and added more soldiers to start with. Do not be afraid to abandon the first few missions until you get a rank or two. Panic should not be too bad in the begining, but be careful to not let it get out of control (can happen pretty fast if you forget about it) (TIPS use cover and medics in the begining and make entrances if you have to with grenades)

Ok this is my first mod for this game. After playing and testing and playing more... I created this mod to make the classes more varried and to create more of a challenge. First off terror levels can reach up to 10 now. This will be a must since you may need to abort missions at times. Also you start off with alot more soldiers. Take the time to train each of them to the first few levels. Low levels happen about the same rate but for the higher ranks, they take a long time to get.

The enemies have different sight ranges so you can ambush some and others will ambush you. Take care to cover and move close. The initial movement has been decreased some but you regain this after the first few levels. This is to show improvement with your troops ability to gain stanima. All difficulties have been changed. So do not be afraid to try a lower difficulty first. Impossible is very hard but still playable. If you lose units, replace them and train them atleast 2 levels. Late game if you do not have spare units higher than rookie, you will be hurting bad.

All reaserch and such take alot more time. This war will now last many years (average game time to finish is 3x as normal)

Good luch and look at the ini file to see all the changes included. Leave a comment and please report any bugs. Also if you have a suggestion let me know and I will see what I can do in the next updates.

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