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This mod tweaks XCOM to make better use of the game's features and give more control to the player. I wanted the player's decisions to become more meaningful, rather than being punished randomly by the game all the time. So now, if you play it right, you will be rewarded. But if you play it wrong, you will be punished.

Note that this mod was designed to be played on the Classic difficulty (with full AI) but Impossible might work just fine too. Don't worry about it being too hard, the difficulty is the same as Normal, just with full AI and a few more enemies.

Also keep in mind that this mod was not designed for save scumming. If you save scum a lot, you might find this mod too easy. This mod is more "fair" than vanilla and is best played by letting the bad decisions simply happen, don't reload. You can recover from mistakes.

TECHNICAL ISSUES: Please go to the following link if you have technical issues.

PIRATED COPIES: Pirated copies are not compatible with the vanilla version of the Warspace mod. Pirated copies will crash when they install this mod. Go to the pirate forum on how to run this mod with your pirated copy. Do not ask for help here, it's not allowed to discuss it here.

ATTENTION: It is required to start a new campaign since version 1.40!
If you are new to this mod or are coming from a version older than 1.40, then you need to start a new campaign. If you've already started a campaign since 1.40, then you do not need to restart.

INSTALLATION: Please read the ReadMe text file included in the mod archive. It contains all instructions you need to successfully install and start the mod. You need to follow both the install and startup instructions.

COMPATIBILITY: This mod is not compatible with any other mod that modifies the following files: "XComGame.exe", "XComGame.upk" or "XComStrategyGame.upk". This mod should be compatible with everything else. No promises, though. If you run other mods next to this one, you do so at your own risk!

Things that have changed:

Weapons rebalanced:
- Conventional weapons are now average. Nothing special about them. They are good allround. You could theoretically play the entire game using them.
- Lasers do a bit more damage, are more accurate and don't need to reload. But sometimes they do low damage. Their damage output can be unreliable.
- Plasma weapons do a lot of damage and have very high critical damage. But they are less accurate, which makes them hard to use, especially by rookies.
- The environment can take on a few more plasma hits before being destroyed. This allows the player to make better use of cover and play more tactically.
- Arc Thrower now goes in the pistol slot. Apart from that, it works the same as in vanilla.
- Different weapon types have different accuracy settings. Least to most accurate: Shotgun, LMG, Rifle, Sniper.
- On top of that, different weapon tiers have different accuracy levels.
- Pistols need to be reloaded (except the Laser pistol).
- Shotguns do more damage but have a bit less accuracy compared to rifles. Shotguns should be more useful now.
- The sniper rifle's close range accuracy penalty has been removed. It still needs two moves to be able to fire, I think that's harsh enough.

Enemies rebalanced:
- Enemies have been changed in such a way that combat becomes more logical, resulting in more fluid battles.
- Enemies won't cheat as much. If something bad happens, you'll know it's probably because you screwed up or because the enemy AI made a good decision.
- Smaller enemies are a bit harder to hit and large enemies a bit easier. This is balanced by accuracy and/or movement speed advantages/disadvantages.
- When a Chryssalid kills a civilian offscreen, the civilian will now always turn into a zombie.
- The AI will now always use more than 5 NPCs in combat, instead of hiding when the NPC limit is reached.
- The AI is a tiny bit more aggressive at long distance. They are more likely to fire when their accuracy is low.

Strategical map rebalanced:
- The missions the player ignores won't increase the panic level of entire continents anymore, but only of specific countries, and panic penalties are larger now.
- This allows the player to somewhat direct the spread of panic and have more control over the strategic map. But there's still some luck involved.
- Countries have a small chance to leave the council at the end of the month when their panic level reaches level 4.
- Having a satellite in the continent or country drastically reduces the chances of leaving at panic level 4.
- Satellites are much more likely to decrease panic levels inside the country they are positioned in at the end of the month.
- Normal satellites have a very tiny chance not to be destroyed by UFOs when undefended.
- Stealth satellites have a high chance not to be destroyed by UFOs when undefended.
- European countries give slightly more money to give the player an incentive to put your satellites there.
- There's slightly a higher chance that UFOs will show up.
- UFOs doing missions (Terror, Abduction, etc) can be intercepted sometimes before they start their mission.
- The Research Lab's effectiveness has been increased. It's very effective at decreasing research times.
- Research time has been slightly increased to give the Research Lab a useful purpose.
- Increased research time of plasma weapons to make it harder to unlock them and make lasers a bit more attractive.
- Facility maintainance costs have been increased, so that you won't be swimming in cash later in the game.
- Transfering Interceptors to a new base takes much less time now, allowing you to more quickly redeploy your air forces where they are needed.
- Workshops and labs are enabled from the start, allowing the player to begin the strategic game with a different starting move, if so desired.
- Items aren't build instantly anymore. It takes a few days to create something.

Characters rebalanced:
- Rookies start with a bit less Will, but now you get more tools to combat panic.
- Human soldiers gain a bit more Will with each level.
- Armor plays a large role in how fast soldiers will panic. The higher the HP bonus you give your soldiers, the smaller the chances of panic.
- Just like armors, higher tier weapons provide a Will bonus, but a very small one. See it as a confidence boost.
- Soldiers who panic will now shoot mostly at enemies. The chance to shoot friendlies has been reduced significantly.
- Game balance doesn't resolve around your soldiers getting killed, but instead around your soldiers recovering for a much longer time.
- Soldiers who take damage during missions will be recovering for a MUCH longer time, especially if they are "gravely injured".
- You can avoid this by giving your soldiers better armor. Your soldiers will only become wounded if they lose all their hitpoints provided by the armor.
- Armors are now more likely to protect your soldiers from getting wounded.
- Soldiers who got shot can be kept in the rear to make sure they don't get shot again and then need to recover for a long time.
- Needlessly leading your soldiers to their deaths is not cost effective in the long run.
- SHIV tanks take a few more days to be repaired when heavily damaged.
- SHIVs are a bit cheaper.
- SHIVs carry the best weapons from their weapon tier.
- Soldiers who go down have a higher chance to become critically injured, so keeping a medkit at the ready is now a lot more beneficial.
- Overhauled the skill trees of all classes to balance out the classes and solidify their roles.

Armors rebalanced:
- Armors are divided into Heavy Armors and Light Armors.
- Heavy armors consist of the Carapace, Titan and Archangel. Light armors consist of the Skeleton, Ghost and Psi armor.
- Heavy armors provide more armor than the light armors.
- Heavy armors provide two item slots. Light armors only one.
- Carapace reduces mobility by 1 square, Titan and Archangel by 2. Light armors increase mobility by 3 squares.
- Heavy armors increase Will a lot. Light armors increase Will a bit less. Secondary armors (the ones that go in the item slot) also provide a Will boost.
- Light armors increase the chances of evading incoming fire.
- Light armors have special mobility abilities (except Psi armor) that allow them to move around the battlefield with more ease.
- Secondary armors provide a bit more HP now, making them great for use with the heavy armors that have increased inventory space.

General Tweaks:
- Normal, Classic and Impossible difficulty levels are basically the same now, apart from having more enemies and unlocking the full AI.
- If you want full AI, play on Classic or Impossible.
- Keep in mind, this mod was made for the Classic difficulty level, but Impossible works great too. AI is shackled on Normal, so don't play that!
- Second Wave is enabled. You'll need to finish the game on Impossible to unlock all options, or download a profile which has them unlocked already.
- (See Second Wave mod for profile).
- Second Wave Marathon mode is fixed. You can build the Hyperwave Relay with just one Hyperwave Beacon.


Version 1.41

- Added an alternative Patcher.bat in "(Game folder)BinariesWin32" for Windows 8 users to solve the "Files not found" error.
- People who get this error need to run Patcher.bat before running "Warspace Mod Install.bat".

Version 1.40

- Again slightly increased research times to make the lab more useful.
- Labs can be build from the start to give the player more choice in the beginning of the campaign.
- Winning an abduction mission will now decrease panic by 2 in the country instead of 3.

- SHIV laser now doesn't need to reload.
- Rebalanced SHIV weapons.
- Lowered costs of the SHIVs.
- PSI armor has slightly higher Will bonus.
- Gave soldiers +1 HP. Gave armors -1 HP to increase chances of becoming wounded. It was a bit too easy to avoid it.

- Slightly increased damage of enemies.
- Slightly increased critical hit chance of enemies.

- Adjusted code for calculating recovery times. Gravely injured soldiers will have much higher recovery times, most of the time.
- Slightly increased chances to become critically wounded instead of dying. This was done to make medkits more important.
- Overhauled skill trees of all classes.
- Soldiers who panic will now shoot again. The chance to shoot friendlies has been lowered a lot, but I can't eliminate it entirely yet (still looking).
- Slightly increased chance for AI not to move but instead shoot when their accuracy is low. This should make them shoot at long range a bit more often.
- Items now take time to build.

(See the ReadMe file for the changelogs of previous versions.)

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