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Aetius' Classic Rebalanced mod is an overhaul designed to strike a balance between Normal and Classic difficulties in X-COM. This mod is a comprehensive overhaul of virtually everything. Why do this? I simply wanted to add more tactical and strategic options for the player to consider while giving the player ample challenge on Classic difficulty. Remember to endorse if you are satisfied with my work, please!

Detailed Description (Version: 1.2):
Strategic Changes
>Country funding is now based upon the GDP of the country and their military spending. The total amount of money to be earned is slightly more than vanilla X-COM(<$100 more).

>2nd Wave Enabled, not optimized beyond the random starting stats for rookies (they fall between 60-70 Aim, 35-45 Will and 12 mobility). Marathon should work correctly (does not require 2 relays.)

>Base funding and power are slightly increased from their vanilla values (100 vs 75 funding and 32 vs 30 power).

>Satellites now take 15 days to construct and Uplinks now take 10 days. The Nexus takes 20 days vs 21.

>UFOs that aren't shot down now have a 90% to detect your satellites down from 100% before. UFO on abduction and terror missions are now visible to shoot down. The panic cost of ignored UFOs are decreased from 2 to 1. Downed UFOs are now out of service for 72hrs, vs 48 vanilla.

>Aliens will patrol more often during missions (although the "teleporting patrol" behavior appears to be hardcoded).

>Research times for basic Plasma weapons has been increased (25%) so as to encourage players to invest in laser weapons and to prolong their use. Alien autopsies and interrogation research times have been slightly increased (2>3 days) in order to make the South American Continent bonus more relevant. Advanced plasma weapons are now slightly (-25%) easier to research to reflect advances made researching the previous plasma-based weapons.

>Research labs have an improved adjacency bonus (50% up from 20%) and workshops (10% up from 7%) too. The minimum engineers/scientists to build a workshop/lab is decreased from 6 to 5.

>Facility maintenance is increased 25% across the board, in order to provide additional challenge and prolong victory.

Soldier Changes
>Support - Gains an additional +15 will and +10 defense over promotions.
>Heavy - Gains an additional +4hp and +5 aim over promotions.
>Assault - Gains an additional +5 aim over promotions

>XP required for promotions is increased past the squaddie level. Generally, soldiers now need 25%-33% more XP for a promotion.
>Injury times have a lower minimum recovery time, but higher maximum.

>All armors besides Ghost, Psi and Archangel have 2 equipment slots. FYI, the "deep pockets" perk of the support class now grants the player 3 equipment slots.

>Damage of human grenade and rocket buffed +1.
>Human explosives now have a 20% chance to crit across the board.

>Heavy weapons have a 15% to cause crits.
>Ballistic and Plasma pistols consume ammo.
>Laser weapons now no longer require reloading and have +5 accuracy.

S.H.I.V. Changes
>S.H.I.V.'s are now MUCH more viable, the basic one has 15hp, 75% aim and 16 movement. Laser/Plasma SHIV weapons hit at 95% and 90% respectively. The Alloy and Hover S.H.I.V.'s now have 25hp / 20hp respectively. To counteract their increased effectiveness they now cost double the default and require more engineers to construct. S.H.I.V research and deployment times are lowered.

Alien Changes
>All aliens now do not have additional bonuses to their accuracy and crit values on Classic difficulty (+10% as per default classic). Impossible difficulty Alien buffs remain unchanged.

>The End Game Boss now has +7hp across all difficulties.
>Sectopods have +10hp, but -15% to their defense and -5% reduced accuracy.
>Floaters have 5hp instead of 4hp and have +5% to accuracy.
>Zombies and Berserkers do +1 damage. Zombies have reduced movement -2 for a total of 8.
>Chrysalids now have a 67% to infect people offscreen vs 50% vanilla.
>Drones have +1hp, +10 aim and +2 mobility.
>Cyberdisks have +5 aim for a total of 75.

To install my mod, or any other mod, just extract the mod folder to your desktop. Then open the folder and double click "modpatcher". The rest will take care of itself and the program will automatically make a backup of your unmodded exe. Thanks for downloading and happy hunting!

Props to dreadylein for his X-Com mod patcher and Sage1 from the Nexus for inspiring me go ahead on my own and mod the game.

I am looking to balance and tweak Impossible difficulty to make it less impossible ;p

Perhaps additional balance tweaks will be made to strategic gameplay to make it more difficult.

Looking at adjusting alien stats to make them slightly more powerful. May save this for Impossible...

1.11 Psi Armor will bonus increased +10 in order to match in-game description.

1.12 Adjusted Hover SHIV hp -5 and fixed minor oversights.

cyberdisk aim +5
zombie movement -2
drone hp +1 aim +10 mobility +2
end boss +2 hp
muton elite +1hp
Berserker +5hp and -1 movement

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