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This tool allows easy configuration of the camera in XCOM: EU and enables free rotation as well as other options.

It directly modifies XCom-Enemy-UnknownXComGameCookedPCConsoleXComGame.upk which first needs to be decompressed by "Unreal Package Decompressor" from It's always a good idea to make backups of any files that you modify.

Once you've applied the changes using this tool, you'll need to run XSHAPE to update the XComGame.exe. Then just launch the game.

Feel free to leave feedback (bugs/suggestions/improvements/support etc.) at the URL at the top :)
(See the respective links for other support such as with XSHAPE and decompressing)

Available Options:
Enable Free Rotation - Allows rotation of the camera by holding down the left/right rotate keys (Q/E by default).

Rotation Increment - Each step rotates this amount. Note that it's better to have a lower value when Free Rotation is enabled. However, a value too low will mean the camera rotates more slowly.

Disable Auto Zoom - By default, the game zooms in/out when you switch soldiers (tab/shift/mouse4/mouse5), which can be disabled by selecting this option. Although, other events will still trigger the camera to zoom in.
Note, there is a bug when starting/loading a mission that locks the camera in place. To unlock it, just click on an unselected soldier with the mouse or enter Free Aiming mode by selecting a grenade or rocket launcher etc.

Zoom In - The minimum distance you can zoom in.

Zoom Out - The maximum distance you can zoom out.

Rocket Launcher Zoom - Sets the zoom level when Free Aiming with the Rocket Launcher.


* Unable to move the camera when starting/loading a mission:
See the Disable Auto Zoom option above.

* The camera rotates too slowly.
The lower the Rotation Increment, the slower the camera rotates. I find 6-9 works quite well.


Microsoft .NET Framework 4 -
XCOM Enemy Unknown version - "Wednesday, October 10, 2012 1:41 PM"

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