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This mod lets you play with the game EXE thinking it's on Impossible mode, but with the Classic difficulty game settings. Impossible + Classic = Implassic.

This is version 2, which I merged with version 1.4 of Arietatray's Second Wave mod that's also posted on this website. A big thanks to Arietatray for letting me include support for his mod!

You _will_ get more enemies per map when playing this mod, but they will be on the Classic difficulty settings. So if you have beaten Classic this would be a good replay to try if you want more of a challenge without making the game too impossible.

The Geoscape AI also appears more aggressive, so expect a strategic challenge even with the country panic modes from the Classic difficulty settings.

I replaced all the Impossible settings in the DefaultGameCore.ini file to Classic settings. There are some hard-coded settings like number of enemies per map which cannot be changed from ini-file modding, so this mod lets you experience some aspects of Impossible on Classic.

NOTE: You must start the game on Impossible to have the mod take effect. Other difficulty settings should play as the default game.

NOTE: REQUIRES THE MODPATCHER.EXE UTILITY. There is a download link to the modpatcher available from the thread-link below, if your virus scanner prevents the version I included in the rar file from being downloaded:

Modpatcher links (be sure to get the latest):

I also corrected the bug in Classic that starts your soldiers with more health than normal (4 is normal, but a bug increases that in the current released game). Note the overall health at Classic should be 4 +1 for armor for all rookies.

The rar includes the modpatcher and batch files to apply my changes. Also includes the original DefaultGameCore.ini file so you can see the changes.

Also included is a hack of my mod that applies some of my personal preferences.

Any questions or suggestions just contact me here on nexus (user grenademagnet).

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