Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 Review (PS2)

Road to hill 30 is a first person shooter that is set in World War II. I know, I know, there are many of these it seems. So many in fact, it takes a lot for one to actually be noticed for something different. Well, this game kind of does that, but not enough to back it up. If you have played the PC or Xbox version of the game, you have had a good experience. Now for you stuck with a PS2, you will find something a lot more then a great experience, you'll get a nightmare.

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The game has some pretty bland graphics. It's nice to see a WWII game that's not as bright, it creates the dullness that it should. However, the models for the characters are not that great, the textures themselves are pretty bad. Not even compared to the other versions of the game, it just doesn't look that great. It works, only because most of the time you will not be paying much attention to it. It seems like they had to lower the textures and edit some of the areas to make it work on the PS2, but still problems were there. Okay on to the problem that REALLY got annoying, the FPS (frames per second). Sometimes the FPS is so bad I felt like I was moving in pictures, yes that bad. Now I can put up with things like this since my pc isn't the best, but it hurts here where you still have to snipe guys and you're moving frame by frame. Normally I could say that everything else in the game makes up for its basic "ok" graphics, but not with this game.

The sounds are pretty decent. The gun shots sound good and the voices of your team are nice to hear in the rage of war. The only thing that really brings down the sounds is the cut-paste type of speaking during the cut-scenes. For some reason they have changed since the PC and Xbox version and I don't understand why. It makes the talking seem very dull sounding and some things they say just don't match sentence after sentence. Overall the sounds are not that bad, just wish I knew why they edited the characters speaking.

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This brings down to what the game should be all about, the gameplay. Sadly, there are some major problems in the PS2 version that stops this game from being as fun and exciting as it should be. It's beyond annoying, to the point I don't see why they even put this game on PS2 since the others were so great. So how exactly does the game teach you to flank an enemy? Well the game teaches you to suppress them with your teams gun fire, they should loose accuracy and not know exactly where you are until they see you. In the PS2 version, you suppress them, they have the same accuracy, and as soon as you come up from being crouched, they know exactly where you are. So basically this goes against everything the game is about, and the fun that you should get from attempting these maneuvers. After going through the entire game, there was only about 3 moments where suppression actually worked and that's only because I started out behind them. And your team... if that's what you want to call them, really doesn't help you that much since they die very very easily. Never use them to charge, two shots and they will probably be gone. Better to use them for the useless suppression. Even with all these bad points, I still could find some satisfaction out of killing the enemies, it does feel very nice when taking these guys out. It gets quite addicting cleaning out whole farm barns and lands of them with only you and a few of your guys. This is the only thing that kept me wanting to play this game, it felt good killing things. Isn't that what these games are for anyway?

The A.I., make no mistake about it, are just stupid most of the time. I use the example from above, they don't even know they are being suppressed. Some other things are pretty dumb also, sometimes they jump out to shoot you and don't shoot, just reload right in the middle of the field. I also found some weird bug where an enemy will be turned against you, and you can't actually hit them with your shot until they turn around. So weird things have happened in this game with the A.I. it that's what pretty much ruins the experience. Also I should note the actions from the enemies pretty much stay the same throughout the game. A lot of dumb enemies are hard to beat though.

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If you are going to get this game no matter what, make sure it's for PC or Xbox. The game plays so well on those platforms and the PS2 version just seems like a slap together and ship it out product. Still, if you only have a PS2 and want the game, you will enjoy it, just not as much as you would on the other platforms. After a while into the game you don't worry about them as much because you get a feeling of what you have to do to flank and not rely on the fire team a lot. I guess a better way to look at it, if you want a harder version of the game this one is for you. If you can rent it or borrow it from a friend, do that, just avoid paying $49.95.

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