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Average members score: 8.464
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Posted on 04/19/2007 09:45
Points: 12
SI Newbie

9.6 perfect
Posted on 03/17/2007 08:09
Points: 75
SI Veteran Newbie

i liked it very much
9.8 perfect
Posted on 12/25/2006 01:31

The style

I liked d style in which the gameplay is set. No health. That saves a lot of time. Because of this, one doesnt have to save n load many times. So yeah, this game is awesome.
9.9 perfect
Posted on 12/07/2006 18:02
Points: 58
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But I would have to say that I liked Call of Duty 2 better. But that's my opinion.
9.7 perfect
Posted on 11/29/2006 02:31
Points: 126
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love it.
9.6 perfect