Cheats & Hints

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Cheats & Codes

Unlock Memories
Plug in the controller in the 2P slot. At the main menu, input this code to unlock the song Memories. This song was only available through a GameShark/Action Replay until now.

Code: Description:
Right, Right, Right, Right, Up, Up, Up, Square, Left, Left, Down, Down, Down, Square, Square, Select Unlock Memories

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme Hints, Tips

All bonuses
Successfully complete all missions in Mission mode to unlock all hidden songs, nonstop courses, Oni courses, and characters.

Additional Dancers option
Successfully complete every Nonstop course to unlock the "Additional Dancers" option.

Credits option
Successfully complete One More Extra Stage; every Nonstop course; or the Paranoia Brothers Oni course to unlock the "Credits" option.

Dancer options
Play any course in Nonstop mode to unlock the "Dancer" options.
New dancers
A new male dancer will appear after 15 songs. A new female dancer will appear after 30 songs. The next dancer will appear after 60 songs and every 15 songs after then. The gender of the new dancers will alternate between male and female.

Endless mode
Get 100 "A" or greater ranks (except in Beginner mode) to unlock Endless mode. Alternately, clear 200 songs in Game mode.
Mission mode
Clear 45 songs in Game mode to unlock Mission mode.
7 Feet challenge course
Successfully complete three challenge courses.
Angel's challenge course
Successfully complete any challenge course.

Angel's Oni course
Successfully complete ten Oni courses.
Brand New Songs Oni course
Successfully complete the Brand New Songs Nonstop course.
Brand New Songs Nonstop course
Successfully complete A Stupid Barber.
Cool 7 challenge course
Successfully complete three challenge courses.

Darkness Oni course
Successfully complete any song with the "dark" setting.