God of War Review (PS2)

God of War is a game that takes you through the eyes of a Spartan warrior named Kratos. In the setting of Greek mythology, the game follows his story of his hellish deeds and a astounding journey to get revenge for his family. His quest, to kill the God of War Ares, and save the city of Athens. He is the only one for the job, can a blood thirsty mortal kill a God of War?

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The game starts you out with pure action, they don't waste anytime here. As soon as the first cut-scene is over your ready to go at it. Here is where you start to see the game shine already. The action in the game is by far some of the hottest you can get on PS2. No doubt you will really get satisfaction out of killing every enemy. Its just beautiful to watch and experience ripping bodies apart or swing them in the air and swinging them around with your blades. The gameplay is very fast and fun, its one of those games you can pick up and play with out being frustrated over controls or camera angles. By the way, this game has the best camera angles. I can't remember one part in the game where I was thinking, "Why can't I move that camera so I can see better". It just goes along to show how this game is up with the best in its class. There are some puzzle elements to the game but not puzzles that send your controller flying across the room or a breakup with your girl friend. They can easily be solved just by a little thinking.

Some people complain about blood, and it does bother some. ~!~WARNING~!~ If you get sick from seeing blood and lots of it DO NOT GET THIS GAME. This game is filled with blood, it's enough to just gross some people out. Yes, I have seen some people that will not even WATCH me play this game. However, if it doesn't bother you then your still in for a treat, and if you like me then you will enjoy it. I think games with blood just make it a lot more appealing and real. Its not insane to the point where you poke somebodys eye and they have a pool of red under them. Most of the gore are within the cut-scenes themselves.

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The game really keeps up with the story, every time a cut-scene ends your playing this game just wondering what will happen next. Some things will happen that you never expect or don't really think of. Which makes the game even more sweet. For a game that plays this great, they could have easily just totally left the story out and people would still buy it because its such an awesome game just by gameplay factors. They really out done themselves with the story because it really gets you tied up in it. After taking a few breaks I would sit there and just think of what could happen when I got to that certain place, or when I finally faced Ares. The whole game you will be thinking, but how am I going to defeat a God O War if I am smaller then his foot. Thats what keeps you going.

I'm sure that you have seen pictures of Kratos with his blades of chaos. I'm happy to say other weapons are also in the game. You will collect these weapons as you go along. The game is really not based on upgrading as much as it is just killing, but you can upgrade these weapons to a certain amount. As enemies get tougher you will need to use your red orbs to upgrade your weapons, thus giving you new abilities and more power. Of course like any game, you will have your main weapon which ever you choose that to be, but its really not that hard to get your main weapons upgraded to the max. At the end of the game I had almost every weapon and power fully upgraded.

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God of War is going to be appealing to most people. Just because it looks fun doesn't mean it's easy. This game will give any gamer a challenge at some point. That shouldn't scare away people that want the game to be easy because of course you don't have to play in the harder modes. Even normal may give some a run for their money. It includes all the enemies that you would expect from a Greek mythology setting. >From your standard warriors to cyclopes and winged harpies.

Finally, I would like to end saying that this game is one of the best experiences in a game I have had in a very long time. While it could have been a bit longer, I think it ended just right. Any game that is this fun to play will feel short due to the fact you can play for hours and it feels like minutes since you started playing. For people wondering if its a rent or buy, personally I rented it and beat it but it is definitely worth buying.