Jackass: The Game HQ

Jackass: The Game HQ (PS2)

Johnny knoxville and the Jackass crew are knee deep in their latest series of ill-conceived stunts, pranks and acts of indecency, and this time you’re in the director’s seat.

Take control of your favorite degenerates through a massive range of all-new challenges. An onslaught of absurd situations lower the bar and up the ante for the self-inflicted injury, degradation and low moral caliber you’ve come to love and expect from this special group of idiots.

Available on: PS2, DS, PS VITA PS2 Rank: 1309 / 2,053  | Overall Rank: 9140 / 14,370

Game tags: Modern Times, Alternative, Action

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Jackass: The Game Screenshot
Jackass: The Game Screenshot
Jackass: The Game Screenshot

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