Cheats & Hints

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing Cheats & Codes

In the pause Menu while playing the game, after the appropriate Platinum award has been achieved.

Code: Description:
Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle Golden Gun
Circle, X, X, Square, Triangle Easier movement in vehicle.
Circle, Square, Square, X, Circle Improved Battery
Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle Double Damage
Circle, Circle, X, Circle, Triangle Double Ammo
Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square Full Ammo
Circle, Triangle, X , Triangle, Square Cloak
Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle Full Battery
Circle, Trianlge, X, X, Circle All Weapons
Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle Unlimited Battery
Circle, X, Square, X, Circle Unlimited Ammo
Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle Slow Motion Driving
Circle, Square, Square, Circle, X Platinum Gun