Cheats & Hints

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing Cheats & Codes

Enter any of the following codes at the ''Press Start'' title screen. Visible confirmation will be given when a code is entered correctly.

Code: Description:
Square, Circle, L2, R2 Platinum unlock (all boxers, arenas, game modes, etc.)
L1, R1, X, X, Triangle, X Additional custom boxer textures (brow styles, tattoos, etc.)
X, Triangle, Square, Circle Unlock coder credies (I beleive this just changes the credits, but I didn't pay much attention to it
Square, Circle, Down, Up Small head mode
Down, Up, Circle, Square 2D/flat mode
Square, Left, Up, Triangle Super mutant mode (characters grow and shrink randomly)
Square, Circle, Up, Down Big head mode
Square, O, Up, Down Big Heads