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Phantom Brave Hints, Tips

100 Dark
To get 100 Dark and Dark Ebouris, use a person and kill every person on the island. When you get 100 Dark, get in a battle and do not confine that person. When you came back, they will get a new title and Dark Ebouris. Also, Ash cannot learn Dark Ebouris unless you combine him and another person with it.
Easy experience
Go to Phantom Isle, then talk to Marona and select "Create Character". Cycle through them all. If you see the title "Failure" or "Ruined", make that character. It does not matter what level it is. Note: If you do not see any of those titles, exit out of that menu and try again. It may take a few minutes to find one. After creating a character with the "Failure" or "Ruined" title, pick him up and talk to Marona. She will ask if you want to banish him from the isle. Answer "Yes". The message "You have acquired the title Failure/Ruined" will appear. Talk with your DungeonMonk and create a dungeon with enemies much higher than yours, preferably with few in number. Speak with your Titleist and scroll to the dungeons page. Put the title "Ruined" or "Failure" on the extremely hard dungeon. The monsters in the dungeon will now be weakened dramatically. You will not get much experience in the battle, but afterwards in the post-battle screen, you will get a large amount of experience points.
Easy mana
To get easy mana for any weapon at high levels with Ash, lift the weapon and kill everyone on the island except a healer or Owl Mage. Revive everyone on the island and check your status. You should have gained thousands of mana. Repeat this process as much as desired.
Better status
Get a good title and put it on a weak dungeon. When you finish the dungeon, you will get the title back and it will give better status.
Extra money on Phantom Island
You can find money around Phantom Island by jumping on certain places. You can find 100 Bordeaux by jumping in the stone circle in front of the house. There is also some behind the house at the bottom of the cliff in the water. There is also some on the roof of your house. Also, on the big tree next to the house you can find a book called the "Changebook". It is a very strong book for magic users. It is located on the edge where you can jump on to from your house".
Unknown Phantom tricks on Phantom Island
Go to the Unknown Phantom at your home (Phantom Island) and attack him using R2 as stated in another hint. When you kill him, you obtain experience points and mana. To resurrect him, talk to Marona, go into create a character, then exit back out. The Unknown Phantom should be back at his original location, fully healed. Repeat this as desired. Note: If you pick up an object (an item or weapon) and hit him with it (for example, killing him and destroying his body afterwards), the item or weapon will gain mana. It also might gain experience. Also, if you kill the Unknown Phantom about twenty times, you will be able to make Whisps (type of monster).