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The Punisher Cheats & Codes

Unlock all weapons and stages
In the profile screen type

Code: Description:
V PIRATE unlock all weapons and stages

The Punisher Hints, Tips

DareDevil Cameo
After the battle with Bullseye Frank's blind lawyer Matt Murdock (Daredevil's alter ego) comes in and Frank fires him.
Hidden Spiderman reference
During the cutscene immediately following "the Crackhouse" level if you look closely at the license plate of the car that tries to hit Frank you'll notice that it says: "ASM129"The Punisher first made his appearance in "Amazing Spider Man issue #129"
Hulk in laptop screens
Go to any laptop during the game and look directly at the screen. The figure of the hulk appears flexing.
Iron Man Cameo
When the chopper first starts shooting at you Iron Man flies in to give you a quick heads up. He then flies around the corner of the building.
Nick Fury Cameo
Part way through the Grand Nixon Island Level Nick Fury arrives and joins up with The Punisher for a period of time.
Black Widow Cameo
Part way through the Pier 74 level The Punisher will rescue Black Widow, who will then join him for the duration of the mission.
King Pin Cameo
Wilson Fisk, aka The King Pin, arrives to talk to the Punisher for a brief moment during the Fisk Industries level. He also appears in a movie after the game is completed.


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