High Score Date
Good 7.3

Need For Speed: Carbon (PS2)

It's undoubtedly fun, but it's debatable whether it's worth a purchase, especially if you already own its predecessor.

Posted: 04.12.2006 03:59 by Alistair | Comments: 0

Poor 5.0

Crusty Demons (PS2)

Bikes, tricks, jumps and girls - Crusty Demons hits all the right spots in terms of subject matter to make it in the extreme sports genre.

Posted: 28.11.2006 03:40 by Alistair | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.3

The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning (PS2)

A New Beginning is meant to be considered a more mature start to the powerful dragon’s adventures. Though can that really be considered true?

Posted: 15.11.2006 05:47 by Carlton | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

Disgaea 2 (PS2)

Nippon Ichi Software return to their acclaimed strategy role playing game series, and all the demon themed insanity that came with the first title.

Posted: 15.11.2006 05:45 by Alistair | Comments: 1

Excellent 8.7

Kingdom Hearts II (PS2)

Part 2 of Square-Enix's Disney mash-up series offers more of what you've come to expect!

Posted: 07.11.2006 04:05 by Alistair | Comments: 0

Good 7.0

Yakuza (PS2)

If you can see through its faults and appreciate the atmosphere, Yakuza is a particularly solid action adventure title.

Posted: 25.10.2006 03:55 by Alistair W. | Comments: 0

Good 7.8

Micro Machines v4 (PS2)

If you're tired of the usual racecar gaming of driving, bumping and buying – take a breath of fresh air with the Micro Machines V4.

Posted: 29.06.2006 04:32 by Evangeline Grace Agujo | Comments: 0

Good 7.5

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (PS2)

Grand Theft Auto's original flavor never ceases to keep its fans voraciously playing and adding more followers by the day.

Posted: 22.06.2006 00:00 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.2

Onimusha 3: Demon Siege (PS2)

The game opens with the player taking on the leading role of Samanosuke, the same efficient and good looking hero from the first game.

Posted: 21.05.2006 00:00 by JanaLee Stocks | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.0

MVP 06: NCAA Baseball (PS2)

For those who prefer to play the MLB way, don't let this game's NCAA premise deter you!

Posted: 20.05.2006 00:00 by Debra Pachucki | Comments: 0

Good 7.2

Mega Man X Collection (PS2)

The Mega Man X Collection might leave a bit to be desired, but is still worth the purchase due to the cool bonus features that you’ll only get with...

Posted: 19.05.2006 00:00 by Debra Pachucki | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.0

Wild Arms: The 4th Detonator (PS2)

If you liked any of the original Wild Arms titles, this one will definitely be just as enjoyable.

Posted: 04.05.2006 00:00 by Debra Pachucki | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.3

Ape Escape 3 (PS2)

Ape Escape 3 might not redefine its over the top series, but it does pack in a lot more gameplay and humor than the other two previous monkey...

Posted: 03.05.2006 00:00 by Debra Pachucki | Comments: 0

Good 7.8

Black (PS2)

Black is a marvellous game, and playing it really does give you a thrill if you at all like FPS; if a storyline is a must for you, then you might...

Posted: 29.03.2006 00:00 by Ross Birkett | Comments: 0

Poor 6.3

Curious George (PS2)

If you are over 5, don't get this game. If you're an avid Curious George collector, get it and use it for display purposes only.

Posted: 28.02.2006 00:00 by Alex Jeffreys | Comments: 0

Superb! 9.2

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2)

Metal Gear Solid 3 is the latest incarnation in the award-winning Metal Gear Solid series. The powerfully cinematic epic takes you into the heart...

Posted: 27.08.2005 00:00 by Anton Shcherbakov | Comments: 0

Poor 6.7

Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance (PS2)

Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance is a new game from Capcom that tries to bring the beat-em-up genre into the modern era.

Posted: 02.07.2005 00:00 by Anton Shcherbakov | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.8

Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)

The game takes what we got from GT3 and adds on with awesome new cars, graphics that are outstanding to the point of almost unbelievable, and a...

Posted: 27.06.2005 00:00 by Justin Horner | Comments: 0

Good 7.0

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 (PS2)

I guess a better way to look at it, if you want a harder version of the game this one is for you. If you can rent it or borrow it from a friend,...

Posted: 23.06.2005 00:00 by Justin Horner | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.2

Area 51 (PS2)

If you're a big fan of FPS this isn't anything you haven't already seen.

Posted: 19.06.2005 00:00 by Justin Horner | Comments: 0

Superb! 9.2

God of War (PS2)

Finally, I would like to end saying that this game is one of the best experiences in a game I have had in a very long time. While it could have...

Posted: 17.06.2005 00:00 by Justin | Comments: 0

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