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Sakura Taisen 5: Saraba Itoshiki Hito Yo Cheats & Codes

Keitai Club Password List
To enter these passwords, go to New York no Jiyuu na Ichinichi (Free & Easy Day in N. Y.) from the main menu, then select "go to Romando." Once at Romando, select "enter Password" during the dialogue with Kayama and enter the following codes (you do not need to have beaten the game to obtain these extras):

Code: Description:
941289225808 Sagitta's Cameratron theme
941972000458 Rikaritta's Cameratron theme
920600052288 Diana's Cameratron theme
920607847078 Subaru's Cameratron theme
920647752778 Ratchet's Cameratron theme
550477481278 Rikaritta's seiza (horoscope) bromide
568847967928 Diana's seiza (horoscope) bromide
507581627458 Subaru's seiza (horoscope) bromide
372791149508 Ratchet's seiza (horoscope) bromide
348454871888 Gemini's Star bromide
303394573128 Sagitta's Star bromide
815174772808 Rikaritta's Star bromide
877612097778 Diana's Star bromide
891702293658 Subaru's Star bromide
322934212158 Taiga's Star bromide
947450159208 Gemini's Cameratron theme
573139331788 Sagitta's seiza (horoscope) bromide
894242894788 Plum's battle uniform bromide
852522557628 Anri's battle uniform bromide
364684015878 Taiga's battle uniform bromide
944925190808 Gemini's seiza (horoscope) bromide
353900640358 Ratchet's battle uniform bromide
314851924428 Subaru's battle uniform bromide
549261464578 Diana's battle uniform bromide
586007382288 Rikaritta's battle uniform bromide
557999132708 Sagitta's battle uniform bromide
518389656658 Gemini's battle uniform bromide
361160100008 Sunnyside's special bromide
387320906328 Anri's special bromide
339440309088 Plum's special bromide
398210448078 Ratchet's special bromide
500031328588 Subaru's special bromide
523727163208 Diana's special bromide
534317683958 Rikaritta's special bromide
599659935628 Sagitta's special bromide
906469455778 Gemini's special bromide
920649063088 Unlocks Taiga's Petitmint costume