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Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku Cheats & Codes

Misc. Codes

Code: Description:
Beat the game on Easy Mode Sketches
Beat the game on Normal Mode Backgrounds
Beat the game on Hard Mode Models
During gameplay hold the Left Stick left and the Right Stick right, then press Circle, X, Square, Triangle This will give the maxium upgrade to the Zen meter and fill it.
During gameplay hold the Left Stick Down and the Right Stick Up, then press X, Circle, Square, Triangle crystal sword unlocked
hold left stick left and right stick right then press x,triangle,square,circle,x,triangle,square ,circle restore health meter
hold left stick up and right stick down then press square,x,circle,triangle get the flame blade
During gameplay,press Down on the Left Analog Stick+Up on the Right Analog Stick,and the press Circle,X,Triangle,Square Lightning Sword