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Mystery: Who owns the rights to No One Lives Forever?

Posted: 09.04.2013 by JonahFalcon

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No One Lives Forever is one of the crown jewels in developer Monolith's stable of games, but Activision, which owns the developer now, has no idea who owns the rights. According to community liaison Dan Amrich, even Activision is unsure of whether the publisher holds the rights to the game.

Treyarch: Black Ops II live streaming works on consoles

Posted: 20.08.2012 by Nakerman

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After impressively demoing an iPad live-stream of Black Ops II last week, game design director David Vonderhaar has confirmed the feature also works on consoles.

PEGI reveals PlayStation 2 version of Deus Ex coming to PSN

Posted: 02.05.2012 by JonahFalcon

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It seems that the PlayStation 2 version of Deus Ex will be coming to the PlayStation 3, as the PEGI ratings have listed a PS3 version of Deus Ex. The game was rated at 16; Deus Ex: Human Revolution was rated for mature gamers with an 18.

Gotham City Imposters Gets Free Content Boost

Posted: 19.04.2012 by Nakerman

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Monolith and Warner Bros are releasing an update for all versions of Gotham City Impostors today.

Sony confirms Zipper Interactive closure

Posted: 31.03.2012 by JonahFalcon

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Last week, rumors circulated that Zipper Interactive was facing closure. Sony has confirmed that the developer has been shuttered.

Killzone PSN held off indefinitely, dev issues "no comment" on delay

Posted: 08.02.2012 by JonahFalcon

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The PlayStation Network version of the original Killzone was supposed to be released two weeks ago on the 24th January, but it hasn't appeared since.

Cave bringing classic "bullet hell" scrolling shooter Mushihime-sama to Xbox 360

Posted: 31.01.2012 by JonahFalcon

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Scrolling shooter developer Cave has announced that they will be bringing the Japanese hit game Mushihime-sama to the Xbox 360.

Killzone 3 sales disappointing

Posted: 04.03.2011 by JonahFalcon

Comments: 12
The sales for Killzone 3 have been disappointing in its first week, selling only 500K units, which is a third of what Killzone 2 did in its first week of release.

Destroy all Humans: Path of the Furon PS3 Safe in Europe

Posted: 28.11.2008 by JamieSI

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THQ UK confirmed this morning that the PlayStation 3 version of Destroy all Humans: Path of the Furon, which was reported to have been cancelled yesterday, will only be cancelled in the US. The European version of Destroy all Humans: Path of the Furon will be released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in February 2009.

"Due to the game being shipped earlier in North America on December 2nd, a decision was made to proceed exclusively with the Xbox 360 format in that market," said the THQ spokesperson.

Capcom has a team of 400 working on Resident Evil 5

Posted: 13.09.2008

Comments: 7
Capcom is raising the bar in how many people it takes to produce an AAA game by announcing that it have more than 400 people involved in the production of Resident Evil 5. Gamekyo is reporting on the extremes that Capcom has gone to in the production of this game, by quoting a Capcom report as saying that the "staff visited Africa, a new backdrop in the series, to experience the real Africa where the contrast between light and the darkness is stunning" and that it has "more than 400 people including company employees and outside contractors working on (Resident Evil 5)".

New Frontpage/features - Sorry for the minor issues

Posted: 17.06.2008 by Kres

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Our new Frontpage is now live, but we are still sorting it all out so please bear with us.

We hope you like the new look!

The latest news from the Gaming Industry - Monday

Posted: 19.05.2008 by Kres

Comments: 3
Here's a list of the latest news from the Gaming Industry for Monday 19th May, 2008

Activision reveal Call of Duty 5 poised to invade early 2009

Posted: 11.02.2008 by JamieSI

Comments: 7
Now having been officially announced by Activision, Call of Duty 5 will be hitting the PC and the next-gen consoles, Xbox360 & PS3, but there are also plans for PS2, DS and Wii versions.

In development by Treyarch studios, this latest title in the series will not be seeing any more gritty modern warfare but revisiting the franchises roots back in World War II. Activision plan a release sometime before the end of March 31st, 2009.

Konami unveils Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection for PS2

Posted: 07.02.2008 by JamieSI

Comments: 4
Before the "Guns of the Patriots" is released worldwide, fans of this incredible series can now get their hands on three great Metal Gear titles in one commemorative box.

This tactical espionage package includes the original Metal Gear Solid released on Playstation in 1999, and both the director's cut for Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3. As an added treat there'll be artwork included from the renowned Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa.

Twelve Interactive announce Cid The Dummy

Posted: 05.02.2008 by JamieSI

Comments: 2
Cid The Dummy will bring us into the crazy world of crash impact dummies where CID must save the daughter of his creator, M.I.A., which happens to be a state-of-the-art impact dummy imbued with his daughters essence - how cliché.

This adventurous dummy will be smashing his way through to the PC, PS2, PSP, DS and the Wii sometime this summer.

New Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed screenshots

Posted: 31.01.2008 by Kres

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We've published 6 new screenshots for game name, which is in development by company name and is currently set for release on the PS2, PSP and Wii.

New Just Cause 2 screenshots

Posted: 30.01.2008 by Kres

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We've published 10 new screenshots for Just Cause 2, which is in development by Eidos and is currently set for release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

THQ decides to scrap several franchises

Posted: 24.01.2008 by Kres

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We've got more news from Financial documents today, but this one bring some sour news to the gaming industry. THQ has decided to scrap a few of its titles, and two franchises will also be wiped out of the development line.

Stuntman Ignition was released towards the end of last year and received average reviews from the media, for this reason THQ has scraped the series.

Resident Evil pre-painted 1/6 scale statues

Posted: 14.01.2008 by Kres

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Gaya Entertainment, a company based in Germany that creates collectible merchandise, has designed six 1/6 statues for Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles which look absolutely brilliant. They are officially licensed by Capcom and each model will only have 1500 copies made, making them very rare in the future.
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