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Spider-Man: The Movie Cheats & Codes

Enter these codes in the Cheats section under the Specials menu. Enter the code a second time to deactivate:

Code: Description:
girlnextdoor Play as Mary Jane
hermanschultz Play as The Shocker
serum Play as Scientist
knuckles Play as Thug 1
stickyrice Play as Thug 2
thugsrus Play as Thug 3
captainstacey Play as Helicopter Pilot
freakout Play as Matrix Spidey
realhero Play as Police Officer
organicwebbing Unlimited Webbing
koala All Fighting Controls Unlocked
romitas Enables ''Next Level'' Feature in the In-Game menu
imiarmas Enables all levels
dodgethis Matrix Attacks
joelspeanuts Bighead enemies
spiderbyte Mini Spider-Man
goestoyourhead Bighead and Bigfeet Spidey
underthemask 1st Person Mode
chillout Super coolant
headexplody Enable Bonus Training Levels
ARACHNID Unlock All Levels, Combos, Vulture and Shocker Movies
SPIDERBYTE Makes your person little

Spider-Man: The Movie Hints, Tips

See Game Developer Pictures
In pinhead bowling, if you turn around, there should be pictures of all of the game developers.