High Score Date
Poor 6.2

PDC World Championship Darts 2008 (PS2)

There's something of a guilty pleasure that's derived from watching Darts.

Posted: 25.01.2008 15:32 by Mike Jennings | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

NHL 08 (PS2)

The game is, in many ways, a typical EA product: the robust engine, entertaining matches, slick presentation and attractive graphics mean that it's...

Posted: 07.11.2007 03:45 by Mike Jennings | Comments: 0

Poor 6.5

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (PS2)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 could be the last in the series for Playstation 2 owners. The care and attention that was poured into 07 simply isn't here...

Posted: 14.09.2007 03:11 by Mike Bowden | Comments: 0

Poor 6.7

Championship Manager 2007 (PS2)

Publishers Eidos Interactive picked Gusto Games to produce a new game for 2007, with a new look and controls and plenty of changes to the available...

Posted: 11.09.2007 03:19 by Dan Thornton | Comments: 0

Good 7.3

Madden NFL 08 (PS2)

Madden 08 is a pretty competent game, delivered by a team that is rediscovering what made their games so popular all those years ago.

Posted: 10.09.2007 03:22 by Govan Roberts | Comments: 0

Good 7.3

UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 (PS2)

The balance of play in the game itself could have been better. Whether it was a conscious decision or a coincident of design, the play greatly...

Posted: 04.05.2007 14:15 by Andy Robertson | Comments: 0

Poor 6.8

NFL Street 3 (PS2)

If you're an American football fan, and haven't already tried and tired of the series, NFL Street 3 is worth a look.

Posted: 22.02.2007 10:03 by Alistair | Comments: 0

Poor 5.3

Cricket 07 (PS2)

It's December, which means it's cricket season, and for those days when you're not dedicatedly and steadfastly perched in front of the TV, EA...

Posted: 13.12.2006 07:13 by Alistair | Comments: 0

Poor 5.0

Crusty Demons (PS2)

Bikes, tricks, jumps and girls - Crusty Demons hits all the right spots in terms of subject matter to make it in the extreme sports genre.

Posted: 28.11.2006 03:40 by Alistair | Comments: 0

Excellent 8.0

MVP 06: NCAA Baseball (PS2)

For those who prefer to play the MLB way, don't let this game's NCAA premise deter you!

Posted: 20.05.2006 00:00 by Debra Pachucki | Comments: 0

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