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TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator Cheats & Codes

The game's codes are matched to the bonus code of each game, which will vary. The codes below will only work with discs that have the same bonus code.Remember that the first four letters of the cheat code corresponds to the last two numbers of the game's

Code: Description:
RZUDIVLI (bonus code 0194)
AFRDKGIT (bonus code 0798)
NXJGYAMQ (bonus code 1171)
LRCHMRVV (bonus code 1335)
HZOLQCKO (bonus code 1802)
IHYGFPXE (bonus code 3687)
FRKBPWYY (bonus code 3803)
RZUDKZJQ (bonus code 4494)
NXJGXYMT (bonus code 4571)
KTQMDZYI (bonus code 4707)
VTFLCBEN (bonus code 6068)
TNXEPYHV (bonus code 6266)
REGOYRSP (bonus code 6626)
TSCNJDRS (bonus code 7018)
NYOOTWCF (bonus code 8426)
LRCHBQJ (bonus code 9535)