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Tribes Aerial Assault Cheats & Codes

While in the menu for your charactar click ''buddy list'' press add then enter CHAT-TEST. During gameplay (on a server) press square and then there will be a list of options press whatever direction you want(right corrisponds with square, left corrisponds

Code: Description:
CHAT-TEST Allows you to say more things during gameplay
EXPERT-A Extra functions (setting A)
EXPERT-B Extra functions (setting B)

Tribes Aerial Assault Hints, Tips

The Shazbot
There is a hidden shazbot statue on the Slapdash map and it is very easy to locate. First go to team inferno, then looking towards your main bases front opening will be north. Go to the WEST towards the corner of the out of bounds area, once at the perimeter of the boundary lines you will see the hidden shazbot statue!