Cheats & Hints

Triple Play 2002 Cheats & Codes

Code: Description:
Enter STRONG ARM at player create screen. 110 MPH Pitches
Enter ICHIRO at player create screen. Unlimited Creation Points
Enter SLUGGER at player create screen. Grand Slam Hitter
Throw 6 consecutive strikeouts Unlock Big Baseball
Hit two consecutive home runs Unlock Big Bats
Snag a home run ball as it's going over the fence Unlock Big Gloves
At the team selection screen press: Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right Unlock EA Dream Team
Use the same player to steal 3 bases in the same game. Unlock Fast Players
Throw 12 consecutive strikeouts Unlock Flaming Baseball
Throw 9 consecutive strikeouts Unlock Giant Baseball
In one game, make 2 diving catches Unlock Giant Glove
In one game, make 3 diving catches Unlock Throbbing Glove
In one game, get more than 11 hits Unlock Tiny Players