Cheats & Hints

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Hints, Tips

99 Scalps (Bronze) - Deliver 99 headshots (ranked play counts).

Ace of Spades (Platinum) - Collect all other trophies.

Act I (Bronze) - Complete Act I.

Act II (Bronze) - Complete Act II.

Act III (Bronze) - Complete Act III.

Act IV (Bronze) - Complete Act IV.

Arkansas Fried Rooster (Bronze) - Blow up 10 chickens with dynamite.

Been there, Done that (Silver) - Play a full Wild West Legends game on every level (both match and revenge).

Between Hay and Grass (Bronze) - Finish the game on at least medium difficulty.

Boy Scout (Bronze) - Finish one side quest.

Catcher in the Rye (Bronze) - On chapter II, in the field, kill enemy soldiers using knives without being.

Crime Does Pay (Bronze) - Win 5 rounds as an Outlaw (ranked only).

Crowbait (Bronze) - Finish the game on at least easy difficulty.

Curly Wolf (Silver) - Finish the game on hard difficulty.

D-Day (Bronze) - On Chapter I, destroy all rafts before they land.

Drive-By (Bronze) - Kill a total of 5 enemies while horseback (ranked play counts).

Fireworks (Bronze) - Shoot 2 enemy dynamite sticks in mid air.

Forgiveth Me, Lord (Gold) - Kill 2000 enemies (ranked play counts).

Frag Steal (Bronze) - Kill all enemies in a single Cooperative Concentration mode.

Goldrush! (Gold) - Collect a total of $1,000,000 (ranked play counts) to unlock golden weapons in.

Gotta Catch 'em All (Silver) - Collect all secrets.

High noon (Bronze) - Kill 4 enemies between 12:00pm and 12:15pm (local time, ranked play counts).

Jack of all trades (Bronze) - Play a full game with each class (ranked only).

Mad Carpenter (Bronze) - Kill 5 enemies with a chair.

Magnificent Thirteen (Silver) - Unlock all classes (ranked only).

Man of the Hood (Bronze) - On Chapter XII, playing as Thomas, use only bow throughout the whole level.

Mayhem (Bronze) - On Chapter III, kill 20 armed enemies while riding the stagecoach.

None shall hide (Bronze) - Shoot an enemy through a wall.

Old West Legend (Gold) - Finish the game on very hard difficulty.

On the right track (Silver) - Collect a total of $200,000 (ranked play counts) to unlock silver weapons in.

Pistol Expert (Bronze) - Kill 250 people using pistols (ranked play counts).

Quick hands (Bronze) - Kill 7 people during one concentration mode.

Quite a Ride (Bronze) - On Chapter IX, on the lift, destroy everything that is thrown at you.

Ray's Story (Silver) - Finish every chapter playing as Ray.

Rifle Expert (Bronze) - Kill 250 people using rifles (ranked play counts).

Rowing-Race Cheater (Bronze) - On Chapter XI, kill all the Indians during canoe chase.

Sharpshooter Destuction (Bronze) - On Chapter IV, playing as Thomas, kill sharpshooters in 10 seconds.

Sharpshooter Distraction (Bronze) - On Chapter IV, playing as Ray, kill sharpshooters without Thomas' help.

Shield of Hope (Bronze) - Finish all side quests.

Shotgun Expert (Bronze) - Kill 250 people using shotguns (ranked play counts).

Thomas' Story (Silver) - Finish every chapter playing as Thomas.

Tin Star (Bronze) - Win 5 rounds as a Lawman (ranked only).

Unforgiven (Bronze) - Kill 10 enemies as an invincile wanted (ranked only).

Untouchable (Silver) - Finish any chapter, except for VI and VIII, without getting severely wounded.

Vindicator (Bronze) - Kill a total of 30 enemies with movable gatling.

Welcome to the Frontier (Bronze) - Finish a full Wild West Legends game (ranked only).

Well Invested (Bronze) - Buy 20 second level and 10 third level upgrades (ranked only).

Yankee Cow (Bronze) - On Chapter II, don't kill the cow.