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Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Hints, Tips

How To Unlock All Eight Endings
Raspberyl's Ending 1 - Lose against Raspberyl on stage 1-5.

Raspberyl's Ending 2 - Lose against Raspberyl on stage 2-1.

Human World Ending - Kill more then 99 allies and clear two alt. stages by stage 7-6.

Almaz's Ending - Win stage 8-4 with Almaz alone and the battle after.

Mao's Ambition Ending - Clear stage 1-9 on 2nd or higher cycle before stage 4-4.

Super Hero Ending - Use Mao at Lv 500 or higher to defeat final boss.

Laharl's Ending - Go to homeroom and propose "Watch a New Ending" and clear the stage.

Normal Ending - Don't meet any other ending's requirement.
Unlockable Cameo Characters
Asagi - Beat extra map 4.

Axel - Beat extra map 6.

Laharl, Etna, and Flonne - Beat extra map 7.

Marona - Beat extra map 5.

Master Big Star - Beat extra map 1.

Prism Red - beat extra map 3.

Salvatore - Beat extra map 2.
Unlockable Classes
Archer (Female) - lvl 15 Female Fighter and lvl 15 Female Healer.

Archer (Male) - lvl 15 Male Fighter and lvl 15 Male Healer.

Berserker - Heavy Knight and Magic Knight Lv 40.

Cheerleader (Idol) - Geo Master and Healer Lv 25.

Geo Master - Fist Fighter and Healer level 20.

Gunner Female - Female Thief and Mage level 15.

Gunner Male - Male Thief and Mage level 15.

Heavy Knight - Male Fighter and Fist Fighter(?) level 15.

Magic Knight - Fighter and Mage level 25.

Majin - Clear 2nd play through turtorial.

Masked Hero - Thief and gunner level 45.

Monster Tamer - Female Fighter and Fist Fighter(?) level 15.

Ninja (Female) - lvl 30 Female Monk and lvl 30 Female Magician.

Ninja (Male) - lvl 30 Male Monk and lvl 30 Male Magician.

Ninja Female - Female Fist Fighter and Mage level 30.

Ninja Male - Male Fist Fighter and Mage level 30.

Samurai (Female) - lvl 35 Female Fighter and lvl 35 Female Archer.

Samurai (Male) - lvl 35 Male Fighter and lvl 35 Male Archer.

Shaman - Geo Master and Mage Lv 25.
Trophy of Trophy House(Silver) - Find the trophy room in Item World’s lvl 90+.
10,000,000,000 damage break(Gold) - Do 10,000,000,000 damage.
1,000,000 damage breaking(Bronze) - Do 1000,000 damage.
100,000,000 damage break(Bronze) - Do 100,000,000 damage.
100 Time Jump achievement(Bronze) - Jump 100 Times.
Enemy capture success(Bronze) - Capture an enemy.
“Strike to return and return and return and return and return and return and return and return and return” - the achievement(Bronze) - Do 9 counters in a row.
Cat Gof of Garin Tower Conversation(Bronze) - Speak with the cat in Item World’s Garin Tower Room.
Axel discovery!(Bronze) - Find Axel in the Item World.
10 Combo Defeat(Bronze) - Do at least 10 combos.
Extra Throw Height
Okay, if you need to throw someone but can't throw high enough here is a simple solution. If there is a slight height difference between two spaces (like a staircase) but you can't throw that high, then keep switching between the 2 spaces really fast. You may notice that for a brief second it shows what it would if you could reach it. If you can press X at the exact right moment you will throw anyway! It's achieved easily by pressing X continuously while moving between the spaces.