DUST 514 News (PS3)

EVE Online "on the cusp" of new user record, want decades more life for MMO

Posted: 06.06.2012 by Technet2k

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Developer CCP of EVE Online and DUST 514 wants the space faring sandbox to be around in "10, 20, 30 years" time, as they claim virtual worlds "don't have a shelf life." Only time can tell.

Right now EVE Online is poised to break CCP's "all-time subscriber record" as the MMO uses a single-shard server where all users share the same single universe.

First Dust 514 beta keys will be sent to EVE Online players tomorrow

Posted: 17.05.2012 by Nakerman

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CCP has confirmed it is ready to send the first batch of Dust 514 beta keys out tomorrow.

CCP launch EVE pod into stratosphere today

Posted: 09.05.2012 by Technet2k

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EVE Online users will be sent into space today, or at least their names will, courtesy of the CCP Space Program 2012. A replica of an EVE pod will be launched by a high altitude balloon.

It'll reach the stratosphere and it's predicted to land in the middle of Kleifarvatn lake, according to University of Reykjavik students. The Icelandic Coast Guard will pick it up for them.

DUST 514 beta inviting Eve Online FanFest attendees first Poll

Posted: 30.04.2012 by Technet2k

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Developer CCP has announced that attendees of the EVE Online FanFest will be among the first to be invited into the beta for DUST 514 when it starts up. A closed beta is in progress.

Confusion has led to EVE Online fans being upset over preferential treatment of PSN users getting into the beta. FanFest attendees given keys "first people in the door."

DUST 514 microtransactions adopting "similar idea" to League of Legends

Posted: 19.04.2012 by Technet2k

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Developer CCP is set to use microtransactions in their upcoming DUST 514 MMO which ties-in to EVE Online. However items bought with real money won't grant an "unfair advantage".

David Reid of CCP says they'll behave like League of Legends or World of Tanks, where you can play for free, buy something but it doesn't "necessarily make you better at playing".