Epic Mickey 2 News (PS3)

Blitz Games shutting down after 23 years

Posted: 12.09.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Blitz Games has announced that after 23 years the studio will "cease trading", with at least 125 jobs being released. A new company will be formed in the meantime to try to save 50 other jobs.

Junction Point officially closed, Spector bids fellow devs bye

Posted: 30.01.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Yesterday, Star Citizen developer RSI accidentally let the cat out of the bag that Junction Point, the developer of the Epic Mickey titles, had been shut down. The news is now official, and Warren Spector has taken the time to bid farewell to his co-workers.

Rumor: Epic Mickey developer to be shuttered

Posted: 29.01.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Rumors that Warren Spector's studio, Junction Point, will be closed have been heightened by a recent tweet that was later recanted.

Writer's Guild of America announces videogame award nominees

Posted: 17.01.2013 by JonahFalcon

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The Writer's Guild of America only recently included videogames for its writing awards, and the Guild has announced its nominees for the year of 2012.

Epic Mickey 2 suffers disastrous NA sales in 2012

Posted: 16.01.2013 by JonahFalcon

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Epic Mickey was considered a failure on the Nintendo Wii, despite selling 2.83M units globally to date, with 1.89M units in North America. Epic Mickey 2, which has been released on four platforms, is struggling even worse.