Far Cry 3 Movie (PS3)

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Co-op Trailer

The latest video for Far Cry 3 shows off multiplayer co-op gameplay.

Movie added: 28.11.2012 | farcry3coopps3.mp4 | 8.95 MB | 0 downloads

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Tyrant Trailer

Watch the new Far Cry 3 Tyrant trailer, and meet Hoyt, the depraved mastermind behind the insanity and atrocities of the island. Learn about the twisted "rules" that he lives by and how he exacts punishment on his enemies.

Movie added: 24.10.2012 | FarCry3TyrantTrailerb.mp4 | 13.96 MB | 0 downloads

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Lost Expeditions Trailer

The Lost Expeditions DLC will be arriving on the 30th November.

Movie added: 05.10.2012 | farcry3lostexpeditionsps3.flv | 4.43 MB | 0 downloads

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Survival Guide #2

Discover the truth about the depraved drug and human trafficking on the island in the second survival guide for this depraved shooter.

Movie added: 05.09.2012 | farcrysuvival2ps3.mp4 | 12.92 MB | 0 downloads

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Psychedelic Trailer

The latest trailer for Far Cry 3 features, among other things, psychedelic drugs, torture, human sacrifice, stabbings, headshots, hang gliding and Komodo dragons.

Movie added: 21.03.2012 | farcrypreorderps3.flv | 15.43 MB | 0 downloads

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CGI Cinematic Trailer

Check out the exciting new CGI trailer for the long awaited Far Cry 3, as some tourists get more than they bargained for when they discover a cache of weapons.

Movie added: 15.02.2012 | farcrycgips3.flv | 17.25 MB | 0 downloads

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