Fat Princess Review (PS3)

Fat Princess. Fat Princess. Wait a minute; did Titan Studios actually name their first PlayStation Network title as Fat Princess? Yes. Yes, they did! In theory, no public relations or advertising is needed with a name such as Fat Princess – it’s controversial and humorous balled up into one single entity. But even with a marketable name, there has to be a quality game behind it or else games such as Boogerman and BMX XXX would’ve sold hand over fist. Let’s not digress any further – Fat Princess puts forth a rousing time for fans of witty multiplayer affairs.

In all reality, Fat Princess boils down to capture the flag with fat captive princesses posing as the flags. Two teams will face off to rescue their princess from the opposing team’s castle while feeding their rival’s princess food to beef her up so she is harder to rescue. The more food you give her, the fatter she’ll get and the more difficult she is to carry back. So players must decide which side they’re going to join? Will it be the Red Kingdom or will it be the Blue Kingdom? Either way, players will be joining 32-player wars to get their precious, and not to mention fattened up, princess.

Argh, matey!
It looks so innocent.

There’s a variety of different character classes to choose from within the game such as: the mage, priest, ranger, warrior and worker. Players will assume the role of any one of those five classes by picking up a hat that is produced at their castle or from recently deceased allies or enemies on the battlefield. Each class has their unique abilities and weapons to aide them in their recovery of the princess, so there’s a bit of strategy employed to obtain victory. If players find that their class is becoming a bit underpowered, they can upgrade their weapons and strength of the class to gain a leg up on the opposition by collecting resources such as wood and metal and returning them to the castle. Over time, the castles will be upgraded with a catapult, gates to keep enemies out, and much more to help players who decide to guard their captive princess.

As gamers have done many times in the real-time strategy genre, collecting resources is a vital key to victory as all of the upgrades require a certain amount to be achieved. Everyone must play their role since a team full of warriors isn’t going to cut it in the world of Fat Princess. Healers are needed in the form of priests; someone needs to do the slave labor of collecting resources as a worker, and so on and so forth. Plain and simple, Fat Princess requires much more thought than the cartoonish graphics elude. The game can be played in a variety of ways and the methods of attack aren’t as simply spelled out as they are in a mixture of other multiplayer titles. Players will want to test out each class to see what suits them best since each of the five classes offers a little something extra for using them.

Replay value is high too – there’s a wide variety of maps to play on, a straight up team-deathmatch mode and two single-player modes in the form of a story mode and survival mode to play through. The story mode isn’t anything special as it serves as a tutorial of sorts through seven chapters of play. The online stat tracking is even a better compliment to the longevity of Fat Princess. The more gamers play, the more items they’ll unlock for their avatar. This should be an attraction to players who enjoy customization in their online titles. There’s also an online ranking system for players to show off how great they are at the title. For the matches themselves, with no issues with lag or finding games, they tend to be intense but longwinded.

To the death!
Chopping wood is essential to upgrading.

Don’t let the graphics fool you either; this is not a kid’s title by any means. Blood will stain the soil, body parts will be dismembered and violence is among the chief attributes of Fat Princess. To compliment the graphical violence, Titan Studios has added in humorous voice-overs that should provide a giggle or two for players. There’s charm and enough bloodshed to go on for miles.

If gamers are worried about Fat Princess not giving them an amusing time, then they should worry no longer – Fat Princess has more highs than lows to justify a digital download for any PlayStation 3 owner.

Top game moment:
Hacking and slashing our way to the princess, only to find shes been mutilated by cake.

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