LocoRoco Cocoreccho! Review (PS3)

Every now and then a very special game comes along that youíd be mad to miss. LocoRoco Cocoreccho! is one of those games. Available to download from the Playstation Store at the unbelievable price of around £2, it is a game that simply cries out to be play and enjoyed. It is billed as an interactive screensaver but this is far from the truth. Many complain that PSN has been sparse of late but this game has made the wait worth it. Cast your gaze at the words below and the glowing praise will be illuminated further.

Hello and welcome to a fantastic little world
The Mui-mui is jumping up and down. Shake your controller to lift the boulder!

As with most great games, the premise is simple: Your aim is to guide LocoRocos through the flowery map with a butterfly Ė yes, a butterfly, bumping into other sleeping LocoRocos as you go, waking them from their slumber to join the march through the various entrapments of the levels in order to pass through the next gate to the next area. Sounds off the wall I know but LocoRoco is one of the maddest games Iíve played in this respect and itís all the better for it.

Your control of the butterfly is simple: by holding down the circle button you call the LocoRocoís in the direction you want them to travel. As they move along the map various obstacles will be put in their path. If your coloured, blobby friends canít get past you can rapidly press the circle button again to make them jump up, or simply stand on each others heads in order to reach the glowing flower stem that will unfold and act as a platform to further your progress.

These proliferating flower stems also bear LocoRoco as fruit, hanging from the branches Ė yep it gets weirder! In order to get them down you have to wobble your Sixaxis in order to shake them off. In fact, LocoRoco Cocoreccho! uses motion control better than any other game Iíve played to date, Nintendo Wii included. Itís simple, fun and makes all the difference to the game. The map is filled with brightly coloured blooming flowers that if you tilt your Sixaxis back and forth will begin to spin and eventually fly off the map to reveal more platforms and possibilities.

The sixaxis can also be used to control the Mui-muiís standing around manning the various contraptions that are also littered around this vast gaming area filled with colour and chrysanthemums. Mui-muiís are the little men who operate the levers and pulleys that help your blubbly friends on their way. However, using this Sixaxis again you can control in how these machines are driven by twisting the controller and creating new openings to new parts of the level in order to gather new LocoRocos.

Although very simple, the graphics simply shine in high definition
Seven more to get before you go through the gate

After youíve gone round the map a few times and gathered the required amount of LocoRocos you raise the drawbridge with a quick shake and the Rocos will gather by the finishing post which will open up further opportunities to gather more LocoRocoís and explore more of the map and unravelling its interesting puzzles and shakes the Sixaxis like a madman until youíve unearthed every secret that lies within.

For a game that costs just a couple of quid the graphics are bright and smooth whilst maintaining a pastel effect which is easy on the eye. It is of course impossible to compare to those displayed in the gorgeous looking Gears of War, but the graphics work perfectly to display the game in a fun and interesting way. More pixels and polygons doesnít always equal better. LocoRocoís graphics are simple but very effective and are a joy to watch.

The sound is as crazy as the gameís premise and reminds me of some early Serge Gainsbourg crossed with Syd Barrett. Itís a really catchy tune that that is sung in gibberish by various voices all sung at a different pitch. The song is the same the whole way through but the voices change and I guarantee you, youíll be lying in bed humming it until the wee hours. In fact the music complements the game perfectly: simple but with many layers and very, very addictive.

There are five levels in all and once the game gets its claws into you youíll want to explore them all in order to collect all two hundred of the possible LocoRocos available. The only complaint I can really think of is that when you start over after completing one section of the game, you start right back from the beginning and have to collect the same Rocos all over again. Given that some of them are rather difficult to reach and as sometimes luck more than judgement plays its part in getting them, having to repeat the task over and over can be somewhat arduous and off putting. However, once youíve decided to give it another whirl youíll soon forget about it all and the game will suck you in once more.

Iíll let you discover this little gem for yourselves!
Make you Rocoís jump high by rapidly pressing the circle button!

LocoRoco Cocorrecho! is the perfect package, easy to pick up but hard to master. If you havenít already downloaded this game then at two pounds you canít really be excused for not trying it out. For what it is, for what it sets out to do, Iíd say the game was almost perfect. A shining example of what all mini-games should be and the most fun Iíve had with motion controller to date. Make a point of getting this game as soon as you possibly can! What more can I say?

Top Game Moment:
Working out how to get to those hard to reach LocoRocoís!

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