Major League Baseball 2K7 Preview (PS3)

A stunning performance of baseball on a console, MLB 2K7 looks and feels like you are watching the game on your TV set. Except without yelling at the players because they do something stupid. Well, maybe not.

Though 2K7 looks great, both graphically and cinematically (no, really, it looks just like baseball on TV), Iíll be damned for the number of frustrations even the demo we previewed had. Albeit some were probably just because of the incredibly poor play by yours truly.

First is the button scheme, which is incredibly challenging to get used to. By no means can anyone pick up this game without spending at least an hour on it before playing like a semi-intelligent human being. It is not user friendly, and if you want to play well be prepared to spend a lot of time on the controls. I canít count how many times Iíve missed plays because I simply pushed the wrong button.

Next is the control. Other than the no-room-for-error mentality of 2K7, more often then naught the direction pushed for a player to go in was disregarded. I know that I will probably never get used to having characters not follow my commands, nor do I know anyone who would. Especially when it is in their best interest to do so.

Since Iím counting, letís add on the absolutely wretched use of the Sixaxis for batting. Yes, there are three modes of batting, two of which work absolutely fine, but the thirdÖsimply painful. For anyone who has tried Wii Sports, Iíd predict the same feeling would overcome you after trying 2K7ís motion-sensing batting.

Thrust forward to swing, tilt to swing in a certain direction and pull back to bunt sounded easy enough. To perform the latter was almost impossible, and making a hit that was worthwhile with the first two was almost as dramatically horrifying (though I will admit to a home run on my second tryÖbeginners luck). The problem doesnít seem to be the control, but rather the controller. Sixaxis just isnít built to be used for baseball, and pushing the controller forward does not make it easy to hit.

So who is it for? Die hard baseball fans and enthusiasts. Anyone new to baseball games will just find it frustrating to get used to. MLB 2K7 would certainly be awesome if features like playing actual games or even scenes of games that really occurred, but I guess watching the pretty picture will have to be enough.