NBA '07 Preview (PS3)

Dribbling down the court with your favorite players, passing to one another, and finally missing the shot and not getting the rebound has never been so agonizing. It certainly isnít the most unpleasant basketball game around, but NBA 07 doesnít hit the top of the charts either.

The demo, recently available on the PS3 marketplace, lets you play a quick game as one of two teams, the Dallas Mavericks or the Miami Heat. Both teams are mediocre and evenly matched, but that only appeared in the statistical ratings. The Heat had an edge in every game played, win or lose.

Controls were very difficult to use, although that much is to be expected in this type of game. However, there were plenty of times that the controls didnít function properly. Whether it didnít pass to the correct person, a juke didnít play out, even shoot the ball, control was a serious issue.

Speaking of controls, there was a serious issue with the movement of the SIXAXIS. The game stated that moving it in a certain way would perform an action, such as turning it left and right would make the selected player turn around the opposition. 90% of the time that didnít happen. Not that they couldnít get around, the deek didnít happen at all.

Another thing that was rather amusing is the cover of the case. ďIn Full HDĒ it reads (more like proclaims). Of course, on the bottom that includes the required 1080p HDTV and HDMI cable. Even with that, the game didnít look so spectacular, though it is better than everything else out now. But in comparison to other games, well, it doesnít compare.

Sonyís in house development team was also lax about the color commentary, which seemed to be only black and white. They only spoke when play stopped, stating the obvious 2-point or 3-point play, and nothing more. It may just be the limitations of the demo, but if it is, then they donít seem to care about selling the game much.

NBA 07, which is available for the PS2, PSP and PS3, is not the same for each version. This is understandable, except that the PS2 is NBA 07 Featuring the Life Volume 2. It has the entire campaign mode that goes alongside the basketball season.

What does NBA 07 for the PS3 have? Minigames. Just wonderful. That makes me want to buy the PS3 version for sure. Hell, both games are the same price, and if I can play the PS2 version on my PS3, why bother?

The only good news from all of this is that Sony has stated that it will offer five downloadable scenes weekly from actual games in the NBA and allow people to play through them. This is absolute genius, letting someone play through an awesome segment of actual gameplay that they could have watched on TV the night before. Does this make it worthwhile? Probably not. But if you are a die-hard NBA fan and want to get everything that is NBA, it would be worth the buy. Otherwise, rent and forget.