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PAX Prime 2012: Insomniac reveals Fuse, formerly Overstrike

Posted: 02.09.2012 by JonahFalcon

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Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price announced during this PAX Prime keynote speech his new IP, Fuse, which is, according to some sources, borne from the developers Electronic Arts project Overstrike.

EA Partners site mentions titles due FY2013, Populous among them

Posted: 03.02.2012 by Technet2k

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Some Internet sleuthing has uncovered a wiki page that was labelled 'EAP Marketing FY13 Home Page', and it mentioned a number of upcoming projects due out next fiscal year.

April 1st 2012 is the official start date of EA's FY2013. The now removed information revealed Funcom's The Secret World, Insomniac's Overstrike, Populous, Outernauts and Respawn.

E3 2011: EA and Insomniac introduce Overstrike

Posted: 06.06.2011 by Richlane12

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Developer Insomiac has announced their new IP Overstrike at EA's E3 press conference.

Overstrike is a four player cooperative action game in which players step into the shoes of Overstrike 9, who are tasked with stopping a global terrorist group from wiping out the human race. The Overstrike team consists of a grizzled ex-mercenary, a thief, a gifted young scientist and a detective.

More Battlefield 3 details revealed

Posted: 06.06.2011 by JustCommunication

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DICE has revealed new details surrounding their highly anticipated shooter, Battlefield 3.

Along with a release date of October 25th, the studio also announced that a multi-platform, open multiplayer beta will be arriving in September.