Resistance: Fall of Man Review (PS3)

Glistening in the sky is the sun blocked by a thin layer of clouds and missiles flying into buildings. Cover is up ahead, but the screams of both your fellow soldiers and the dreaded Chimera shake your judgment. Head to cover up ahead where you don’t know where the enemy is or slowly creep in until you know where to fire? If only it came in higher resolution than 720p.

Although there isn’t s a list that can fill a roll of toilet paper, Resistance: Fall of Man does earn excellent marks. Whether it is the campaign, storyline, gameplay, or really whatever you like, Resistance is on the up and up.

These little critters are a pain in the ass. Just walk back and never stop firing
Like any good rocket launcher, it gets the job done with special effects

The opening scene is the heliplane that dropped you off getting blown up, and looking spectacular as it flies off-screen. You run into a caste of Chimera, the changed human beings with little back-story left for the future episodic content (thankfully!). Because Nathan Hale, the protagonist, doesn’t have any regenerative powers, the opening segment of gameplay starts at a slump. Not a great beginning.

Even after infected, it still takes the rest of the first level to get another weapon that is powerful enough to use as a base weapon. Once you get past that level though, it’s smooth sailing. Guns pile up like no tomorrow, along with all sorts of ugly creatures that are just asking for you to blow their six eyes off.

The graphics are up to par with what we should expect from a next gen game. Though it isn’t as beautiful as Gears of War, it was pretty darn close. The game engine is wonderful in every way possible. The number of times an explosion erupted and bodies flew was absolutely flawless, and with no slowdown. Not once did the framerate drop.

The weapons are also inexplicably well rounded. To a fault even. The starting weapon, a pretty standard assault rifle, I didn’t just stop using after a better weapon came into my possession. It had its designated time for use and purpose, and it is safe to say that every weapon had some situation that called for it. Not to say that some weapons are only useful some of the time, but if ammunition is managed correctly and efficiently, weapons usage is based on personal preference as opposed to “this gun sux so don’t use it.”

Helmet? Psh. That thing won’t save you more than once anyways
Shoot them in the head or on the wires. Either way will down them fast

Then again, there wasn’t a single situation that couldn’t be solved by simply using a specific gun in a certain way. Whether it’s getting around a large group of enemies, sliding through thin corridors, or whatever can happen, all that is required is a steady trigger finger and some extra ammo. Takes away from the difficulty just a bit.

On to the gameplay. After the slow start with the Americans who drop you off on the shores of Britain, (and as the sole survivor of America’s first assault), Hale must help the British Armed Forces with strategic operations in which all of his counterparts die (save for story driven characters, unexpectedly). Although it seemed justified that normal humans are weak in comparison to the hybrid Nathan Hale, the high and mighty survivor of the Chimeran virus, there were plenty of times that it would have been infinitely helpful to have some backup that could take a few hits.

Answering my cry for support, the deeper into the game I went, the less help I got. Some whole levels had no human interaction save for communications with the narrative voice giving you suicide missions and expecting success and survival, regardless of how every cutscene described how it couldn’t work. It was expected, but there was a period too long with no help. Fighting everything alone only goes well for so long.

Vehicles are the toys. Getting into a tank and blasting the hell out of everything in your path is a joy onto itself (minigames perhaps?). Driving a humvee off of cliffs and drifting into Chimeran soldiers is reminiscent of the Warthog from Halo: CE. The Chimeran vehicles (the one available, and I won’t spoil it) isn’t as fun, but it takes some strategic maneuvering.

After completing the campaign with the normal difficulty setting, a message pops up saying that more weapons were now available. I didn’t expect it to be too exciting the second time around, but playing on hard and picking up a sweet new gun on the first level already had me gunning for more. One more hidden one comes later on, and the game is surprisingly fun to continue playing again anyways. Though going through it a second time just for the guns is not worth it. Do it for the fun, if anything.

Online play is amazingly fun in its own right. The matchmaking system is fast and easy to use, getting into games is a synch, and every game I’ve played has been smooth and lag-free. And because the weapons are so well balanced, it isn’t a constant run to the best weapon on the map (though some are definitely better then others).

The online gametypes include the standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag. There really isn’t anything special about them, though the Conversion gametype is an interesting twist on one-life-only deathmatch. Instead, you start off human, then after dying become a Chimera. Die again and you’re out. Nothing special, but cute.
Lack of 1080p/i support was a huge bummer, to say the least, especially after it was promised to have that resolution setting (plus they stated that it was in 1080 in the recent videos made available on the PS3 marketplace). The graphics as mentioned earlier are good, though not the best. It did turn out to be the killer app, though it doesn’t make buying the PS3 any better of an idea.

Taking this bad boy down isn’t so hard, as long as you’ve got rockets. And it doesn’t step on you
If you are this close to that many Chimera, run. Fast. Or change the difficulty, you pansy

“Halo killer?” No, not really. But Resistance: Fall of Man is a good enough game to be in professional gaming tournaments and is one of the best storytelling games of the decade. Don’t go out and buy a PS3 for it, but if you don’t have one with your PS3, then hells bells. What do you use the PS3 for?

Top game moment:
Taking out everything that moved using a tank in the later London missions.

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