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Resistance: Fall of Man Hints, Tips

Bonus weapons
Successfully complete the game on the Medium difficulty setting to unlock the Reaper and Splitter. The Reaper is found near the beginning of the first level when you start a new game. The Splitter fires a salvo of large rockets. The secondary fire splits each rocket into a wall of mini-rockets. It is similar to the R.Y.N.O. from the original Ratchet And Clank.
Movie player
Successfully complete the game to unlock the movie player.
MP soldier skin
Successfully complete the game on the Superhuman difficulty setting to unlock the MP soldier skin.
Skill Points list
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding number of Skill Points:


Reading Is Fun! (2 points): Collect 10 Intelligence Reports.

Chicks Dig Eyestrain (3 points): Collect 20 Intelligence Reports.

Too Many Secrets (7 points): Collect all Intelligence Reports.

In For a Penny... (1 points): Kill 3 Hybrids with a single grenade.

Fetch (2 points): Kill a Howler with a grenade.

Acupuncture Is Cheaper (2 points): Kill 3 enemies at once with the Hedgehog.

Why Are These Candles Screaming? (3 points): Kill 8 Hybrids with fire in within 20 seconds.

Lovely Parting Gifts (2 points): Squat over 15 dead Hybrids.

Tag, You're It (2 points): Kill 5 enemies with the Bullseye within 30 seconds.

Gasping For Air (3 points): Kill 2 Hybrids in a level only after severing all of their hoses.

Nowhere To Hide (3 points): Kill 5 enemies in a level by shooting them through a wall with the Auger.

Twirly-Whirly (3 points): Kill 5 Menials with the Bullseye trap.

Turrets (3 points): Kill 6 enemies with the Chimeran Sentry gun.

Mechanical Thumbs (5 points): Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting.


Supersonic Meat Cubes (3 points): Kill 3 Leapers with a Frag grenade in the York level.

Homing Beacons (3 points): Kill 4 Hybrids with the Bullseye in the York level.

Chimera Pātč (3 points): Run over 10 enemies with the tank in the York level.


Don't Worry, Insurance Has It Covered (3 points): Destroy 3 or more black boxes in the Grimsby level.

20th Sentry (3 points): Do not get his by a laser mine in the Grimsby level.

Personal Space Bubble (4 points): Do not let any Menial grab you in the Grimsby level.


Lightfoot (4 points): Take no damage from the mines in the Manchester level.

This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun (2 points): Kill the Stalker in Manchester Traffic Circle using only the M5A2.


In One Ear, Out The Other (2 points): Get at least 5 kills by headshot with the L23 Fareye in the Nottingham level.


Passive Aggressive (3 points): Kill 4 Hybrids or Menials with non-weapon damage in the Cheshire level.

We've Lost The Security Deposit Anyway (2 points): Break 10 medical lamps in the Cheshire level.

Mirror, Mirror (3 points): Destroy all glass objects in all three sections in the Cheshire level.


Next Speed Trap, 50 Miles (3 points): Successfully complete the Somerset level in within 7 minutes 45 seconds.

I Can See My House From Here! (2 points): Jump at least 50m in the LU-P Lynx in Cheddar Gorge in the Somerset level.

Misplaced Aggression (2 points): Blow up all cars in the town section in the Somerset level.

They Came From Behind (3 points): Run over 3 Hybrids while driving in reverse in the Somerset level.

I Believe This Is Yours (3 points): Use only Chimeran weapons to kill enemies in the Somerset level.