Resistance: Fall of Man News (PS3)

Sony unveil 'Resistance Greatest Hits Dual Pack' for summer

Posted: 24.05.2011 by Technet2k

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Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 will be bundled together this summer, forming the 'Resistance Greatest Hits Dual Pack' for about $39.99.

It was announced by an insert in US Blu-ray copies of Battle: Los Angeles. It'll also pack $10 worth of bonus content and an exclusive Resistance 3 skin.

Resistance 3's first gameplay trailer at VGAs, airs next weekend

Posted: 02.12.2010 by Technet2k

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Insomniac's Resistance 3 will get to show off its gameplay for the first time in a public trailer at the Spike Video Game Awards taking place next weekend.

December 11th is the magic date for so much gaming goodness. Resistance 3 releases exclusively on PS3 in 2011. The trailer will also have live-action.

Nathan Hale dead in Resistance 3

Posted: 19.10.2010 by Technet2k

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Lead protagonist Nathan Hale from the first two Resistance games from Insomniac is dead, reveals the latest issue of Game Informer magazine.

This puts a bullet through the head of speculation he would be returning, so no there won't be any cameo appearances. It's nasty that Chimeran virus.

No 60-player online matches in Resistance 3 confirms Insomniac

Posted: 18.10.2010 by Technet2k

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Sorry but Resistance 2's key feature of multiplayer packing 60-players won't be carrying over to Insomniac's Resistance 3, as it'll be a lighter experience.

The studio hasn't confirmed a player-limit yet - they want to "streamline" online play with what worked for Resistance 1 & 2. Progression "is a lot tighter."

Resistance 3 "is a 2011 release"

Posted: 26.08.2010 by Technet2k

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Insomniac has confirmed that Resistance 3 will release to the world next year, after having officially unveiled it at gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

They won't be showing any of it at PAX in Seattle so don't get those hopes up at all, as they will instead focus on Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.