Resistance: Fall of Man Preview (PS3)

World War II didnít happen. World War I wasnít initiated by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Roosevelt didnít stay in office for three terms. This is the alternate history that Resistance: Fall of Man portrays in one of the most peculiar games for the PS3ís debut.

If understanding this intriguing storyline isnít enough, thatís fine. An intense run-and-gun and tactical shooter gameplay is enough to earn Resistance a high score right off the bat. A generous mixture between Halo and Rainbow Six, it takes some getting used to at first, but is ultimately memorable.

Hey ugly, let me fix that face problem for you At least heíll die clean shaven

The demo, recently available on the PS3 marketplace, provides two short sequences of the game. Stunning graphics (though not the best around) fill the screen and give life to the dark world. There was a big letdown when it was revealed that Resistance doesnít play at 1080p, though for the majority of gamers, it makes little difference.

The controls also take some getting used to, but once you understand them, they are fairly easy to use. Firing weapons uses the R1 and L1 buttons as opposed to the R2 and L2 trigger. Switching weapons is also easy, though the demo had no customization as to which weapon would be picked next. Holding down the R2 trigger pauses the game and lets you choose which weapon to use, as opposed to tapping it to go to the next weapon.

Loading times were fairly quick, and developer Insomniac Games promises to keep it that way by having the disc dump memory into the hard drive. For those of us with 20gb hard drives or a separate operating system, loading times may increase, but itís great to know that the possibility is available.

In an attempt to make the game as realistic as possible, weapons fire is as dynamic property. Single shots are accurate, but fully automatic fire sprays in all directions, and almost makes it worthless except at close range. If the beginning of a map is filled with enemies, good luck getting through.

Resistance, not to have the static health system of most first person shooters, uses a four bar system. You will recover automatically, but to an extent. If you lose one bar, you wonít get it back unless you pick up their version of a health pack. Running out in the open for a minute and hoping to recover totally doesnít work, and itís a great change.

Thereís also an odd (yet strangely pleasing) set of skill tasks to perform in each mission. Whether they are for specific missions or just to do during the game in general is not yet known, but after killing several Chimera with one grenade and getting some award, I was happy. Like an achievement on XBLÖbut without the recorded bonus points.

Though the demo doesnít show it, the full game features online multiplayer mode for up to 40 players. Insomniac Games continues to work on their matchmaking system to ensure that online play remains stable and fast. The only downside is that vehicles in the campaign mode are not in multiplayer.

Also featured is, you guessed it, the use of the SIXAXIS movement. If attacked by a Chimera who latches onto you, shake the controller to shake the Chimera off. Multiplayer is said to have a similar feature as well. Thankfully, shaking the controller is simple, not like turning it in a specific direction that may not work properly.

13 different guns and four different grenade types leads to a ton of fun. And for any World War II buffs out there, you can see the human weapons which are all named differently, but very similar to the real thing. For example, the M5A2 Carbine is reminiscent of the M1 Garand rifle. Each weapon also has secondary functions which come in very handy, especially for the advanced Chimera weapons.

Itís almost hard to imagine Europe in this shape from something other than a Nazi invasion Thereís almost nothing worse than running into one of these baddies in a dark alley

From playing the demo alone, itís very easy to forget about the game. It really gave no incentive to go out and buy the game in any way. Of course, it has been highly anticipated and is considered the best game out on the PS3 currently. That may not say a lot at the moment, but for a great story and game, Resistance: Fall of Man looks promising indeed.

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